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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that woke up to the thwack, thwack, thwack of Qwest fixing the telephone pole next to our house.

On the night of Saturday, April 11, or sometime Sunday morning, someone (or something) knocked over a telephone pole on the corner of Barton and American in unincorporated Breckenridge. It was totally cracked, in pieces, down on the ground and the wires were stuck in a tree. What the heck, people. This clearly was the work of someone, um, how should we put this ” who had too many cocktails? Maybe. We really don’t know. But, we can guess. And we guess the culprit was nursing quite the hangover on Easter morning.

It is possible that this pole fell over on its own accord. We hate

to accuse someone without just cause. But, how could this be the work of Mother Nature?

So, we just wanted to say that whoever hit our telephone pole is LAME. Lay off the sauce.

And when we say “our telephone pole,” that’s a broad statement. We don’t even have a land line. We’re just making a point.


In “wacky tobacki” news, today is 4/20.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Duh, we know. It’s April 20 today.

Yeah, but there’s more to it.

MSUR: So, what is it?

Well, April 20, or 4/20, has evolved into a counterculture

holiday where people celebrate and consume cannabis.

Just thought we’d note this unofficial (and illegal) celebration because it’s one of the weirder ones. We remember it being a big deal to some former classmates

in high school ” teens in wide-legged jeans used to write 4:20 on their backpacks, thinking they were cool, or something. We, being uncool, didn’t know what it meant for quite a long time. Until we asked a kid on the bus, and subsequently got laughed at. Frankly, today just serves as a reminder that we weren’t always hip, and we’re sooo OK with that.


In “weird things that happen to us” news, we think we chew on our cheeks in our sleep.

Lately we’ve been waking up in the morning with sore cheeks ” we’re pretty sure we’ve been chewing on them because we woke up last week chomping

on our lip like it was a yummy Nerd Rope.

This is soooo weird. It recently started, and we’re thinking it’s because we’re subconsciously stressed out.

We only do this in our sleep, so we don’t know how to stop. Any ideas? E-mail us at and help us beat this annoying habit.


In other more angelic news, we have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Cori Tucker. She wrote: Dear Summit Up, Could you please give angel wings and a halo to Vicki at Stan Miller?

She tracked me down by calling a local Verizon store to see if they had a database of cell phone numbers/clients. She received a credit card of mine (the credit card company had my P.O. Box wrong). Not only did she call Verizon and then myself, she saved additional statements and correspondence and mailed them to me! She went above and beyond what most people would do to find someone! Thanks Vicki, and thanks Summit Up.

Wow, Vicki. You’re awesome! Thanks for being such an upstanding citizen.


In Facebook news, did you know that you can be friends

with Summit Daily News? Well, you can. Since it’s your dream come true, we’ll tell you how ” Just search for us!

You’ll see stories, photos and all our other friends. It’s the cool thing to do.

Lately, we’ve been posting lots of articles to our own Facebook page. We’re thinking it’s the coolest thing ever.


We’re out, checking out all our new friends on Facebook and chewing on orange-flavored gum, a good change from our cheeks.


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