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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thinks people should use handkerchiefs this year as a late Earth Day resolution.

Think about how much Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper everyone uses to blow their nose and wipe their mouths. Also, think about how much Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper your dog pulls out of the garbage can to eat.

Now, think about how much paper you could save if you had a colorful collection of cloth handkerchiefs.

Even better, add cloth napkins into the mix and you have just saved a bazillion trees.

We are seriously trying not to use paper towels and this is REALLY hard. We’re so used to having disposable wipes, but it’s cutting down on our trash creation.

We want to get numerous shades of hankies and color coordinate to our outfit. That way, we’ll look chic, even when we blow our nose. Just wait and see.

We also think that everyone in town should participate with the annual town clean ups and picnics scheduled for Saturday, May 16. Get on your garden gloves and pick up some cigarette butts.

Each town is holding a clean-up event where residents tidy up their town after all the snow melts.

Contact your town for details about an event in your area!

We’ll be cleaning up with our co-workers.


In fire safety news, we think that smokers should refrain from tossing lit butts out their car windows as they drive.

We are constant witnesses to this behavior, and it’s seriously dangerous to our community. With so many dead and dying lodgepole pines, an errant cigarette could cause the fire of the century. And then we wouldn’t have a home, a job or even our life.

With summer and potentially very dry weather ahead of us, now is the time to invest in some neat ash trays for our cars.

We beg you ” don’t kill Summit County with a thoughtless act of ignorance.


In news where computers are one step away from taking over the world, a guy named Adam Wilson is tweeting through a computer that reads his mind.

As reported on, Wilson thinks of a message to post on Twitter and his computer reads his mind and posts it. A computer setup that interprets brain waves ” this is Sci-fi fodder that we can just barely believe.

The article said the technology “could one day help patients who otherwise can’t communicate finally talk to the outside world. Among them are people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), brain-stem stroke or high spinal cord injury.”

OK, that’s pretty neat. And it’s also terribly frightening all the possibilities that a computer program like that could produce. What if it’s released upon unsuspecting locals and every little thought we have is broadcasted to the world through Twitter. We’d totally be in trouble. Oh, the inanity.


We also have unfortunately received a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! from Edward M. Hammett. He wrote:My Trek mountain bike was stolen on April 6 in Breckenridge. It’s a really nice bike that was my dream bike. Any help you can give me would send great karma through the universe.

Hammett is offering a $500 reward for the recovery of his Trek Liquid Mountain Bike. Its details are: Shimano XTR, Fox shocks, carbon fiber: seat post, stem, handlebars and disc brakes.

Please return his bike. We recognize that having a sweet ride is kinda necessary, but please refrain from thievery to obtain wheels. You can go to your local resale shop and purchase one for a fraction of its original price. Though it’s not a “free” bike,

you will still be considered an upstanding citizen. Stealing

anything is uncool.


We’re out, blowing our nose and blocking our brain waves.

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