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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s shocked and amazed because a family actually found their

six-pound Chihuahua ” named Tinker Bell ” after 70-mph winds tossed the dog out of sight during a visit to Michigan.

Hahahahahahahah. This is ridiculous.

We, of course, feel for this little dog and we’re not laughing at the fear she must have felt when the wind blew her away from her family. But, the cartoon-like image of a dog flying through the air on a wind gust is hilarious.

And it gets even better.

The dog owners are giving a pet psychic credit for guiding them to Tinker last Monday.

What in the world is a pet

psychic? To answer this question, we asked Google.

A pet psychic or animal communicator is a person who claims to be able to communicate psychically with animals. Some pet psychics say they can communicate with long-dead animals, while others are more like animal psychologists. So, a psychic would claim to have the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses.

We’re guessing this so-called pet psychic just walked over to the woods by the flea market

and said “We are feeling Tinker Bell’s aura ” here.”

Man, that pet communicator got lucky.


So, on a completely unrelated note, how many Summit Up readers have had to replace their cell phones because they misplaced their phone charger? We recently forgot our charger in Denver and tried to replace it,

but couldn’t find it anywhere. It seems that Motorola has updated their chargers and no longer sells OUR charger.

This is sorta frustrating because we’ve been without a

cell phone for most of the week. We have no land line, so we’re

literally cut off from civilization after work each night.

In truth, we like it.

It’s liberating to know that we are in no way responsible for calls that are made to us because we cannot be reached. And, furthermore, we do not know how to check our cell messages from another phone (though we’re sure that we could figure it out if it were life or death), so we are in this lovely Lala land where we do what we want without mindless chatting.

We simply cannot be reached. No dingaling, no bzzzzzzzzz vibrating in our purse.

Do we want our cell back? Probably. But for now, life is sweet.


And we have some birthday wishes for Teddy, whoever you may be:

The time has come for you to be OLD, but don’t listen to your elders … You are only as old as you act, which I am pretty sure from being best childhood friends you are still VERY YOUNG. When I think back over the years of our childhood, I remember our matching go carts, trampolines and various other Christmas gifts our parents, AKA: Santa got us. I also remember the many times we got in trouble together, like the time we decided to remodel my parents garage and took a hammer after the walls … Our folks were not as

proud of our job as we were… I also remember irritating our sisters just for the hell of it and playing team wrestling in your mom’s living room. I miss all the fun we had together and wish you well in your next 40 years. I wish I could be there in person to help you celebrate your “BIG 40,” but I will be there in spirit and also have a drink in your honor. Stay safe and have a great birthday! Love ya, Jill

Yay for birthdays!


A local woman, Jacki Engel, is sending a super-angelic Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to Joe Dudley of Alpine Rock.

When he found out the Summit County Animal Shelter outdoor pen needed repairs, he offered his services for free! He said he has dogs and knows how important it is that they get outside time. He also said he believes in helping where you can in challenging times. He is so awesome! Please give him a shout out. The work he is going to do is back-breaking and costing him money. It gives me so much hope when I think of what he is doing and I am sure others will feel the same way. Thank you so much for uniting our community through your words.


We’re out, and you can’t reach us.

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