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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column sipping gold-medal wine this early Monday morning. You see, we think we’re pretty hot stuff, drinking award-winning Merlot, so it is never too early to get started with the libations. What we were really surprised about with this wine – we bought it because we saw it had garnered two gold medals – is that these medals weren’t awarded in France or even the Napa Valley, but at the Indiana State Fair. That’s right, people. The state fair. We have never heard much about the wine industry in Indiana, but we are sure they have their own vineyards and fair share of grape-stomping parties. So, we toast our fellow Hoosiers and say, “What’s good enough for you at your state fair is good enough for us to wash down our toast this early morning.”


Deanna Dixon-Stagner called all the way from the state of Michigan to wish her son,

Ryan Stagner, a happy birthday today! Ryan, a snowmaker at Keystone Resort, is 25 today.

“Happy birthday, we love you and miss you,” Mom writes. “Love, Mom, Troy, Brandy and Lady.”

Have a good one, Ryan!


Vanessa, Jerry and tons o’ friends want to wish Melissa Ward Drake a happy 40th today! She is one of the kids pictured somewhere on this page. We like to think she’s the girl with the halo around her head. Have a happy, Melissa!


Moving right along to a heinous Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! which we witnessed and reported ourselves this last week. We were atop Swan Mountain Pass standing in the parking lot with some friends from Oklahoma when a lady in a green Subaru pulled over, jumped out of her car and promptly opened the driver’s side rear door and started calling her child an idiot and violently shaking him in his car seat. Instantly, we thought about the woman recently captured on videotape doing the same in a department store parking lot.

As we went over to get a notebook out of our car to write down her license plate, this woman went around to the passenger’s side rear door and did the same thing to her other child – yelling the whole time, “You’re an idiot.”

We know you’re shaking your head the same as we were, but now you’re going to be even more infuriated. We did get the license plate number before she saw us and sped away – telling us, too, “You’re an idiot!” We hustled on down to the 911 com center and reported the incident in person, and the very apt folks at 911 and the Sheriff’s Office tracked down this woman, who was driving a rental car and resides on the East Coast. She said she indeed had given her children some strongarming atop Swan Mountain but only because they were fighting over a GameBoy in the backseat, and that was the only way she could get them to stop.

She disagreed about calling them idiots but instead said she called them morons. And, she said she didn’t call us idiots, but rather said what we were doing was idiotic.

And here is the real head-scratcher – the woman told the sheriff’s deputy that she is a child psychologist. We end this sad story by letting you know everything is being done to help these children, and we thank the

Sheriff’s Office for being so diligent at tracking down this woman in a rental car – no easy task.


Now, on to a bright note. We had the great pleasure of going to the Lake Dillon Theatre production of “The World Goes ‘Round” last weekend and want to let the entire cast and folks behind the curtain know we thoroughly enjoyed the show. If you like musicals and if you like theater, get thyself over to the Lake Dillon Theatre in the next few weekends and check out the show. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. There is some gold-medal talent going on over there, your foot will be thumping, and you will be smiling upon leaving. Thanks, folks, we enjoyed that one.

That’s all for now. We’re off to bake

ourselves in the Florida sun …

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