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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column unfit to survive in the modern, technological world.

Maybe it’s our fault we never watch TV. Or more accurately, maybe it’s our fault we never hooked up the entertainment center.

See, last night we had a quiet evening alone. It was a rare one. Nobody was home and we had no place to be, nothing to read and nothing to write.

Oh, what were we to do with ourselves? Well, we found a DVD lying in the living room. It looked educational and thought-provoking (something about a young girl blooming into womanhood in a savage city).

And we would have watched it – if we could have figured out how.

We’re obviously not the ones who hooked all this equipment up. In fact, we never even really have time to see how it’s all turned on. There’s the TV, the VCR, the DVD (which is really a Sony Playstation), the stereo, the receiver, the speakers and so many wires the description “rat’s nest” does it justice the way “crowded” describes our spring break slopes.

We figured out how to turn the TV on (using two different remote control devices). We figured out how to get the VCR to work. The stereo and receiver we could operate with the buttons on each. But the DVD was a bust.

At least we got to remind ourselves how bad late-night TV programming is before heading off to find a book.


We made an off-hand comment in yesterday’s column about Jell-O, really wondering if anybody still made the stuff. Sure enough, we received this recipe.

Patty Maguire sent us this recipe for strawberry/sour cream Jell-O. Sour cream? Oh, well. You’ll need:

3 medium bananas (not too ripe, smashed)

1 20 ounce can crushed pineapple (no heavy syrup, drained)

3 small boxes strawberry

Jell-O (or strawberry/banana)

3 small boxes of frozen strawberries (you know, the kind that look like Spam cans, you open with a can opener)

1 16-ounce container of sour cream

Instructions: First, you get a big bowl. Smash the bananas in the bowl with a potato masher. Add the can of crushed pineapple to the bananas, stir together. Add however much hot water it calls for to the strawberry Jell-O. Stir until the Jell-O is dissolved. Pour the hot Jell-O into the banana, pineapple bowl. Add the frozen strawberries to the whole mess. (It works best if you cut the frozen strawberries into chunks about the size of ice cubes.)

The frozen strawberries cool off the mixture and it will set up pretty quickly. Pour half the mixture into a “lasagna”-sized glass dish. Stick in the fridge for about 15 minutes until it sets up pretty good. Spread the sour cream over the mixture. Pour the second half of the mixture over the sour cream and chill the whole thing.

“This Jell-O looks pretty, cut in squares, set upon a tender leaf of lettuce, with a sliced fresh strawberry as garnish on top,” Patti wrote. “However, my experience has been that kids will sometimes sneak by the fridge, spoon in hand, and just graze in the middle of the night.”

It’s Sunday and we’re out desserting …

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