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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column so dizzy we’re going to OD on Dramamine.

We can’t stop watching war coverage. Our thumb is cramping from flipping channels and trying to keep tabs on what every network is broadcasting. We don’t want to miss any big fireballs or booms or news reporters diving into foxholes.

And you have to admit, the fact that we can watch all this – live, for the most part – is technologically spectacular. Dick Tracy himself would be jealous of these video phones.

The only unfortunate part about it (aside from the transmission breaking up and looking so much like Atari video games we’re having flashbacks about the bowling alley arcade we used to rule in junior high) is the motion sickness.

Anybody remember seeing that movie, “The Blair Witch Project,” with all the shaky cinematography? We feel like we’re watching “The Blair War Project” when they’re filming these tanks rolling across the desert or running around trenches with the camera on.

We guess that’s all part of the “shock and awe” tactics, though. Shock and awe them by your inability to use a tripod – that’s how you win wars.


Stephanie in Summit Cove and wanted us to put out an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to all the Waste Management guys and gals.

Steph finished working a late shift Thursday night and marveled at all the trash cans at the ends of the driveways as she went home. She figured people were dreaming if they thought their trash would get picked up. But sure enough, the collection crews were out at it Friday morning.

“They don’t get enough recognition,” Stephanie said.

True, very true.


The Coroner wanted us to send out a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!, on the other hand. She said she was somewhat disappointed by a “future customer” who passed her on Swan Mountain Road Friday. As if that road isn’t dangerous enough, this person (whose license plate and vehicle description she was able to record – and isn’t afraid to use) passed her right across the double-yellow. She said she would have pulled off and let him pass if he’d just waited.

Somebody must have been in a hurry to get home and watch Geraldo war reports.


Grateful locals have another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! of the unknown angel-variety. They wanted us to say thank you-thank you to whoever is continually decorating the Silverthorne hillside with stomped-out snow pictures of love, peace and happiness.

“It is so cool to see hearts, peace signs and smiley faces every time we pull out of the driveway in Wildernest,” our friends wrote. “Thanks for taking the time to create the positive images we see on a daily basis. Please keep it up.”

A halo and wing set to you, our friend.


Mittens has been found! This is a great story. Less than a week ago, we wrote about a missing cat in Keystone. Les and Vicky Schafer wrote back and said the cat was found – by their dog.

“Thank you so much for the article and picture of Mittens in Summit Up. Because of your article, many people were aware of Mittens’ disappearance and were helping us look for her. The fantastic news is that Mittens has been found and is now safe at home. The hero is Mica. Mica is the dog we adopted from the Summit County shelter three weeks ago. We are so lucky to have adopted such a great dog. Mica and Mittens had become friends before Mittens disappeared nine days ago. Mica went through deep snow and found Mittens hiding under a first-floor deck and would not leave the area until we trudged through the thigh deep snow and heard Mittens meowing. Mica gets a lifetime supply of bones and love. What a hero. We rescued her, and she rescued Mittens. Our thanks to the Summit County Animal Shelter for making great dogs like Mica available for adoption.”


It’s Sunday. Today’s special is popcorn frappe. It might not sound good, but it doesn’t hurt coming out when you get V-Day vertigo watching war TV. Let us know who your favorite Scud Stud is at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just do a Cronkite-like report on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

Most of the time, we’re just out of line …

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