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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column stapled to a crow that’s flying across the road. We figure with all this snowfall, that’s the only way we’re going to be able to attend town council meetings, three-martini lunches, birthday parties and Breckenridge Resort Chamber mixers.

Caw! Caw!


We have good news and bad news coming in from our field agents.

First, an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! goes out to Adolf

Joniatis, a ski instructor at Copper Mountain. We heard briefly about his angelic endeavors last week when two women from North Carolina had their car break down, effectively isolating them from civilization as they know it.

Now, we thought it was kinda fun, what with the interstate closed and the

grocery stores developing plans for food rationing and the irony bubbling over about how this was the biggest snow dump to face Summit County since dirt was invented but you still couldn’t get to the ski resorts to enjoy it.

However, if you’re from North Carolina and have never seen snow and forgot a jacket and don’t have a major credit card, it can be a less-than-desirable situation in which to find yourself. That’s what

happened to these two women.

And then Angelic Adolf descended upon them, finding them food, shelter and world peace in a condo they could afford. And later, he repaired their car and led them down Highway 285 to Colorado Springs so they could make the long trek home.

For that, we hereby issue Wings of Angels to Adolf Joniatis. Consider theeself halo-ized! And yo! You folks at Copper Mountain should bow in his presence. We would, if we worked with angels.


Dami called to wish her very dear old, old, old friend Kristi McCoy of Breckenridge a happy 30th birthday – yes, you read it right! THIRTY! Man, that’s OLD! – and welcome her into the Old Farts Club. Hey, Kristi, you’re only as old as you think you are – or act, whichever is more apparent when you’re out having a few. Anyway, folks, swing by Four Seasons Interior and relate to Kristi your worst “Oh-my-goodness-doesn’t-it-suck-getting-old” story. Have a good one, Kristi!


Woe is us.

We have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert!

Patsy Sabados reports that some schlarge of a phlegmball stole a chainsaw-carved bear, (pictured somewhere on this page with a Patsy’s granddaughter, Jordan Brewer), from her front porch on Juniper Street in Frisco.

Patsy’s children and grandchildren gave her the bear, which was custom made and holds a bowling ball in its paw. So, because Patsy is an avid bowler and her kin gave it to her for Christmas, the wood-as-art is very special to her. She is saddened because she’s lived here for 41 years and never had anything stolen.

Patsy’s offering a $25 reward, but if the bile-spewer who took the bear wants to return it to her or the Frisco police, they just might get their karma restored. Until then, they should consider themselves to be dregs of society.


We out, chainsawing our way out of this snow.

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