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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column feelin’ good ’cause we got our $&!+kickers on.We have these boots that are about 9 years old. Back in the day, we wore these things religiously: They’re square-toed, engineer- or biker-style boots, brown leather with straps attached to a bullring on either ankle. They almost look tough enough that people forget about the pocket protector full of pens and the tape on the glasses. (They’re also pretty amusing to people who know our lord-board sandal-wearing long-hair-hippie summer personality.)Anyway, we got tired of taking care of them property (who has time to polish shoes anymore?) and they got relegated to the emergency clothing we toss in the back of the truck. Needless to say, they’re scuffed and the tops are unfashionably droopy. That didn’t stop us from putting them on yesterday, however.So there we were, walking tall, stomping our 1-inch heels into the mud and feeling like a regular good ol’ boy. We even spat.We bring all this up because it’s amazing what a change in footwear can do for your psyche. Unlike some daily columns we know, we do not keep an Imelda Marcos-size supply of cobbled products in the closet. We’ve basically got two pairs – the ones we wear every day, and the other pair that has been collecting dust since that day we had a lapse of reason, thought we might start exercising and bought something to wear in case we did.But put a pair of boots on us and WHOOAAAA!, you’re talking to a new man. It hasn’t been warm enough yet this year for us to start wearing our sandals, but now we might not wear them at all. We might just wear the boots all summer instead. Besides, we’ve got a pair of shorts and a tie-dyed T-shirt that would look great with these things.***A field agent sent this to us, and we thought you might want to know about it, because we have yet to meet a person who actually likes telemarketers: In case you haven’t heard, Colorado has a “no-call list,” and if your name is on it, it doesn’t mean telemarketers will stop calling you, but it means it’s illegal if they do. If you want on it, log on to Hurry, there’s a deadline.***We were all set to tell you about Michael Griffin, “an award-winning escape artist” (according to his own promotions, anyway). We were going to tell you that he could soon be on your TV with yet another reality show (if you can call magic, illusions and escape hoaxes “reality,” that is). Anyway, he’s apparently looking for escape challenges and if he can’t escape, the challenger gets $100,000.As we said, we were going to tell you all about it, and tell you to log on to his Web site to enter a challenge (such as “try getting out of Summit County restaurant with a bill less than $7”), but when we went to check his Web site … dun-dun-daaaaa! … it was gone.We hope we don’t have to explain to you the humor in that.***It’s about time we had another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! Our good librarian friends tell us Ana Fishbaugh graciously donated time this week to fix the flower beds in front of the South Branch Library in Breck. “She is the ultimate “Garden Girl,'” our librarians report. “Thank you, Ana!”We hereby give you halo and wings, Ana, and a few karma points to help you out the next time you have an overdue book.***It’s Saturday, and if you live in Dillon or Frisco, you should be out with your fellow citizens cleaning up. Us, we’re out heckling them …

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