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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thinking: We are the American Idol.

Not that we can sing really well – we can’t. Or that we can dance really well – we can’t do that either. We just like the title, and so we have adopted it as our own. So, now when you see us on the streets of our many mountain hamlets, we will be pumping your hand vigorously introducing ourselves, “Good morning, John Doe, American Idol. How are you?”

Speaking of titles, we were wondering about the title COO – an acronym for chief operating officer. Isn’t that kind of a weird title? We have all gotten used to the title of CEO and take it to mean a pretty big dog on the block. But COO just looks like a spelling error for CEO. In fact, we were recently atop Keystone with COO Roger McCarthy. After taking the time to give a few ski pointers to a couple from Georgia, the two asked in parting if we were from around here. Roger was wearing his identification tag, but this couple probably wasn’t familiar with the title COO. Perhaps if it read “CEO” or “grand poobah,” these folks would have known from whom they were getting ski tips. On the other hand, maybe Roger likes the anonymity of an acronym like COO, and we are the only rubes out there claiming to be the American Idol. Actually, now that we have penned this whole piece, we are not sure we want to be the American Idol anymore, what with W in office giving all Americans a black eye in the world’s theater. Wish we would have thought about that before having 4,000 business cards made up proclaiming we are the American Idol.

Moving right along … We were sent an e-mail from a friend who passed on what was titled “The Greatest Quote of the Century.” We, being the fuddy-duddies we are when it comes to jokes sent via e-mail, trashed it before we read it. However, while we were walking our dogs together, our friend told us what the quote was. It went something like this, and we thought it was pretty good. “You know things are weird in the world when the most popular rap artist is white, the most popular golfer is black, the French are calling Americans arrogant and Germany does not want to go to war.”

We will leave you with

that thought this Monday morning.

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