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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column celebrating the birthday of April fools everywhere, including Riley Campbell, who turns 14 today, Mom reports!

Wow, what must it be like to have a birthday on the Day of Fools? Teammates, friends and your biggest fans – Mom and Dad – say Happy Birthday, you Team Summit Junior Olympian aerial crazy-boy!

Oh wait! April Fools’! Riley’s birthday was yesterday! Haha! Our mistake, not your mom’s! Well, hope it was a good one, Riley! Oh. And Mom says, “Go big, dude!”


Summit Up also is the world’s only daily column snickering about our April Fool’s cover, known in the industry as a “wrap” just because we like to say, “It’s a wrap!”

If past years are any indication, we expect to be bombarded today with phone calls from Irate Readers who are a wee bit sensitive about some of the topics we joke about in our April Fool’s issue every year. Key word here is “joke,” folks. So wind it down and put down the howitzers.

We’ll never forget the time one of our Dummit Saily photographers took a photo of former Frisco Mayor Tex Etie with about 40 kids climbing all over him like he was Grandpa Candybags.

With the magic of Photoshop, our photographers transposed Tex’s face onto each of the little urchins on his lap. Haha! Tex was amused, but there were a lot of scared parents out there that day!

And there was the time we told everyone that, during construction of the Riverwalk, back in 1991 or so, workers unearthed a nugget of enormous size that would pay for 13.4 new holes of golf at the Breckenridge course.

Of course, town officials made sure, through the magic of metal detection units, that no worker left the scene with crumbs or flakes of gold in their pockets and hems. We even got complaints on that one.

We have one thing to say this year: People, chill out.

It’s April Fools’, and if you can’t figure it out or can’t take a joke, maybe you should head up to Breckenridge and enroll as a last-minute entrant in the Town Fool competition.

‘Cuz it’s A JOKE!


Whoa, nellie S !

Look at the size of this here icicle, pictured somewhere on this page.

Brandon Kieper and Sam Dean, two Breckenridge residents desperate to get their names in the paper, roamed all through the High Country to find this monster icicle on the southeast corner of their house on Briar Rose Lane.

“As you can see, we waited until the stalactite and the stalagmite of ice grew together to take the picture,” they wrote. “Please put our icicle in the paper!”

Well, here goes, guys! All we can think is, “Wait till that baby falls!”

We haven’t determined if this submission is the biggest icicle we’ve seen, but it’s definitely up there in the standings.

Thanks, Brandon and Sam! Enjoy mud season in your driveway!

TRIVIA HINT OF THE DAY: Stalagmites grow UP. Think Mighty Stalagmites.


We out, being oh so foolish! Ta-ta!

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