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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column getting a rash on its neck because somebody doesn’t know how to sew on tags.

What’s wrong with putting the tag in the center of the collar, we ask you? Nooooo, somebody has to get all fashion-conscious and put it off-center, so it digs into our neck and shoulder.

Yeah, we could rip it out, but when you’re as laundry-challenged as us, you really need to leave those things in there. Sure, we could take the shirt off, but the other staffers sitting around us have threatened us with tickling if we do (little do they know, however, that would be like trying to tickle the sun or a similar floodlight – our epidermal luminosity is blinding this time of year).

Then again, if there’s anything our observations of the fashion world have taught us it’s that, if it’s cool, it’s got to be uncomfortable.


Terry Bledsoe called with this prediction: “The Republican Guard will attack Summit County, but they’ll like it so much they’ll turn in their weapons for skis and snowboards. They’ll find jobs in summer doing construction and advertise that they will show up on the day promised, on time, and they’ll be flooded with calls and they’ll all get rich, because it’s a brand new concept for Summit County.”

Something tells us Terry has a beef with a contractor. That, or he’s our generation’s Nostradamus.


A very friendly lady called after skiing at Breck yesterday. She told us she was having a great day skiing off the T-bar. Great that is, until she went down to the Colorado chair and some guy with about 90 pounds on her flattened her from behind while trying to get to the lift.

Then he told her to watch where she was going.

“People complain about boarders, but I have no problems with them,” she said. “It’s the middle-aged skiers. If you hit someone from behind, you should apologize. This is definitely a Bozo Alert!!”

She asked ski patrol to have a chat with the man. She also just wanted to give a positive shout out to the boarders, she said.

On behalf of them all, ma’am, word.


Do what you will, our friends, but do your best. It’s Sunday and we’re off somewhere walking the white ball.

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