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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column keeping an eye out for Noah’s Ark.

We have big plans to watch the streets of Frisco transform into vast waterways now that we’ve had the first bit of precipitation anyone’s seen for the past, oh … year.

We figured it would come sooner or later. It might be a case of hallucination induced by moisture starvation or psychotic optimism, but we feel the Flood might be coming any minute, and, if there are free-floating tigers or giraffes, we’ve got dibs.

Oh my God!! We just heard a huge crash come out of the sky!! Oh wait, there’s something oddly familiar about it, something that reminds us of seasons and weather and the days of yesteryear. That’s it! It was … what’s the thing called again? Thunder! Woo-hoo! We were thinking it’s a little too early for the High Country to turn into the next Death Valley or Great Sand Dunes.

And, look at that, a rainbow! The sight has sent a few of us here at Hindquarters into a fit of nostalgia from our magical childhoods when we’d perpetually go chasing after the pot of gold whenever there was a rainbow. Of course, in so doing, we met with stubbed toes, skewed depth perception and near misses with the ice cream truck as we’d bolt across the street distracted by our tunnel vision. We even remember actually seeing the end of a rainbow in a field near our childhood home, faded out at a nebulous spot, directly over, not a pot of gold, but a pile of dog scat.

And speaking of dog scat, we have another little story that really can’t be shared without a special Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to the nice folks at Snake River Fire District for taking the little black rottie whom we hold dear safely to the animal shelter after he took off down Highway 6 Friday. The little guy is making a real habit of doing that this time of year, and we can only guess it’s his own way of anticipating Noah’s Ark. Some of us tie our rafts to the front door, some go out and buy custom-made giraffe harnesses for our potential new pet, some of us bolt down Highway 6. To each their own.

Another little tidbit we’re going to disclose is some top secret press release information one will only receive if one works for a newspaper with a weekly pet page. Yup, don’t get jealous now. We, and only we, are the proud recipients of Dr. Elsey’s cat litter newsletter. It provides us with “the know-how to create a happy cat household,” and that’s about all we can tell you unless we want trouble from government spies.

So, here’s where we leave everyone to fend for themselves. Grab your water wings, life preservers, inner tubes … you’d be surprised what all can be used as a flotation device. And don’t forget, elephants are fair game.

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