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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column driving behind a truck with a bumper sticker that reads: “We brake for boiled peanuts.”

Those of you who knows us, know we are far from being the sharpest tool in the shed and, as usual, we are totally in the dark. Boiled peanuts? What is this guy, like, a Jimmy Carter fan? Some of our office drones, who are at least a little sharper than us, chime in to say, “I’ll bet they’re from the South.” Another offers: “They’re big baseball fans.” And, finally: “Could be elephant trainers.” If you have any idea what this bumper sticker means, lets us know at


Having been to Arby’s this week – they have some killer coupons right now – we noticed that Arbys’ straws are wider in circumference than your normal straw. At a glance, we thought we would like the wider delivery system, but it turns out it was a bit much for us, as our whole life we have been trained to drink from the low-flow kind of straw. Pretty weird, really, like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. We encourage all to get on down to Arby’s, pick up a packet of coupons and try out their straws. You can let us know in the same e-mail about boiled peanuts and what you think about the wider straw delivery system.


One staffer, having told her our thoughts on wider straws, asked us, “Have you ever noticed that McDonald’s Coke is absolutely the best?” Better than any other soda fountains, she said. They really know how to mix their carbonation and syrup. Her words, not ours. We’re Dr. Pepper drinkers.


Easter having just passed, one of our staffers told us a story about how, when her little brother was a tyke, he went to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap and noticed there was a man inside the suit. Naturally, he thought the Easter Bunny had just eaten a man and thus has always been afraid of the Easter Bunny. We imagine, it was a great tool to get said little brother to mind you when he misbehaved. “The Easter Bunny’s coming! The Easter Bunny’s coming! You better get your room cleaned up PRONTO!”


We’re just made up of tidbits today -hope you don’t mind. Here’s kind of an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Arapahoe Basin this week. Having arrived early at the Basin Friday morning to claim the second-to-last spot in the lower lot, we had the opportunity to watch parking lot attendant Ryan Brune in action – and, let us say, we didn’t envy him. With a train of traffic at least a mile long coming up Loveland Pass and the bottom lot already full, damn near every car stopped to ask: “Dude, can we squeeze in?”

“Dude, no. You’re holding up this whole line of traffic. Keep moving, we’re full,” said Ryan, growing exasperated by the minute.

“Hey man,” says another motorist. “Our friend saved us a spot in there.”

“Yeah right,” said Ryan. “Keep moving.”

He confessed to us later: “This can really bring out the @$$#0L% in me.”

Not at all, Ryan. We thought you did a great job at a very unenviable task. Two golden angel wings are flying your way right now.


That will do it for us, folks. Now we are going to try and tackle that first spring fly flying around our house all confused and banging into windows and lampshades.

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