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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering how long this county is going to stand for watching trees die alongside local roads.

The trees on the downhill side of Swan Mountain Road are being smothered by road sand. The same situation can be found along other county roads.

And how about the trees being killed by the pine beetle at Frisco’s Peninsula Recreation Area? Last year, the town took care of much of its pine beetle problem at the Peninsula. Now, it’s the U.S. Forest Service’s turn.

Sorry, we forgot. The Forest Service is perpetually broke. There’s one patrol office to comb all of the White River National Forest, to break up illegal camping and high school keg parties – and hardly anything for forest management.

Maybe the prez, Dubya, can direct some of that Iraqi oil money to domestic purposes here in the good ole U. S. of A. See what French President Jacques Chirac has to say about that? One peep out of him and we’ll start boycotting Rossignol skis. That’ll show him.


Overheard in the aisles of Target: “Before, we had no choices. Now, we have too many choices.”

Overhead in the aisles of Wal-Mart: “Does anybody work here?”


Summit Up’s sympathies go out to all the local waitstaff and bartenders in mourning following the Colorado Avalanche’s capitulation to the Minnesota Wild.

In a lean offseason, after a tough winter, a sustained Stanley Cup run would have helped ring cash registers and fill tip jars. Summit Up has a special feeling for those who live and die by tips. This is our good karma thought for the day.


Those cops up in Breckenridge are such a scream. Saying “It’s your doodie,” the police department is urging dog-lovers to come out and clean Carter Park of a winter’s worth of canine leave-behinds.

This is the second year for the event, which is a police-organized reaction to too many dog owners and their Fidos dirtying up the park over the years. Some people, even those who own dogs, actually are offended by the doo.

The Poop Scoop Party is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 6. After the dirty work, there’s really a party with free pizza and refreshments, free T-shirts for the first 40 pooper-

scoopers and lots of other “really cool giveaways.”


With that thought, we’re outta here. We have to go home and practice with our blowtorch – waiting for that right moment to make our $2 guess in the Rotary Club’s Ice Melt Contest on Dillon Reservoir come true. If you see somebody towing an air boat to the reservoir, it’s not us, and we didn’t take it from the Sheriff’s Office.

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