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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column waiting for mice in the dark.

We went to canyon country in Utah on a little expedition last week expecting to get eyefuls of arches, bridges and sandstone cliff faces. But when we close our eyes or lie in bed drifting off before sleep, what comes back to us is not the majestic topographic features or the refreshing sensation of cold creekwater on our blistered feet, but the big black eyes of little mice.

Let’s just say this: When your fellow field agent asks you where you should hang the food bag, don’t dismiss the idea simply because you’re not in bear country. Even tiny mice can make a lot of noise in the night.


A Summit Cove woman e-mailed us this Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! Being that she’s approaching unemployment, she headed over to the HR office at the Village at Breck to look for openings, she writes. Oops, the office was closed, with a sign on the door that said, sorry, we’ll re-open at 3:30 p.m. Not wanting to head back to the Cove, then back to Breck, our complainant hung out. Forty-five minutes later, she returns to the office to find another sign that says the office won’t be opening at all.

The “kicker,” as she wrote, was the woman sitting at the desk inside checking voicemail who wouldn’t even acknowledge the door-knocking. On top of that, the lady got up and turned the lights off in the place after our victim walked away.

“It’s not a huge deal – just a waste of my time,” she writes. “But who am I but just a worker bee? I just want that office and whomever at Vail Resorts who oversees them to know that someone noticed their little deception. I have no problem with the office being closed, but if you say you’re going to be back, be back! Or at least have the cojones to apologize in person to the people who are waiting for you to come back.”

Fair enough, we think.


It’s Wednesday, and the last one in stock this week, so make the most of it …

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