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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, probably NOT the world’s only daily column hoping to take on Mitch Albom and his Detroit Dead Thing hoodlums.

For those who don’t know, Albom, an author and part-time Breckenridge resident, also is a columnist for the Detroit Free Press.

Somehow, Albom managed to con his Motown bosses into letting him write a column from Frisco about the Avs game and all of us “fleece-shirted, semi-bearded, Coors-guzzling “fans’ in Colorado.”

We don’t know about you, but that description certainly doesn’t fit us – we NEVER drink Coors. And besides – it was Drinkin’ with Lincoln night at the bar, $5 for all the Hamms you can throw back. (Or throw up. Whichever comes first.)

Anyway, Albom decided the best place to go watch the Avs vs. Red Wings game Monday evening was at Barkley’s in Frisco. He said someone told him the place “gets nuts” during hockey matchups.

Right idea, wrong time, Mitch, old boy. Guess why, as he points out in his column, it wasn’t exactly wall-to-wall people in there. Well, we’ll tell you, Mitch – it’s mud season.

Did you happen to notice that only one side of the bar was open? That there’s no snow on the ground? Or water in the lake? That the streets are pretty empty and that a lot of the saloons and T-shirt shops were shut tight?

Around here, Mitch, this is called off-season.

This is the time of year the local folks who work hard all winter and all summer to make sure the out-of-town visitors and second-home owners like you have a pleasant stay, are able to go somewhere else, chill out, calm down, warm up and rebuild for yet another crowded tourist season.

It takes a lot of fortitude sometimes to be nice to folks who are determined to be uppity.

Mitch wasn’t altogether snide in his column, though. He did mention the gorgeous views from Barkley’s – “snow-capped peaks and endless green fir trees.”

Whoops. Sorry, Mitch. Those are pine trees. Lodgepole pine.

Albom did get a few things right, though – there was a table full of whooping, obnoxious Detroit fans in the bar. Yahoos. All of them. And you know what was nice about that? The fact not one of the Avs fans in there walked over to the boorish youths and told them to shut their pie holes and go back to Michigan.

We take offense at Albom’s column because we can. Because we were at Barkley’s at the same time he was, because we cheered at the appropriate times and jeered (along with our other fellow Avs fans) when Patrick Roy made a goal for the other team by kicking the biscuit in the basket, and because we know he’s wrong.

(If you wish to make your own judgment call, check out

It appears that Mitch and his fellow big-city hockey fans want to prove not only that their team is better than us, but that their fans are better than us, too.

Well, we’ll just see about that, Mitch. We’ll be watching tonight’s Avs game and counting on the Wings to fold just like they’ve done every playoff season for years.

Then the Coors is on you, Mitch, old buddy.


We’re outta here.

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