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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thinking maybe we took our snow tires off a wee bit early.

Welcome to May-uary in the High Country, where white weather means moisture, and we still need lots of it in a big way. Let’s say goodbye to this hundred-year drought and keep sending white wishes to Ullr, who has really come though this year.

For those of you out there who just can’t tolerate spring’s return to winter, we proffer a trip to Moab (where half the county’s population is, anyhow) or perhaps Hawaii (where the Kona bean will keep you high all day).

We’re going to work out some kind of compromise with our snow tire dilemma, maybe going with two all-season tires catty-corner, and two studded snows going in the other catty-corner direction? Sounds like a solution to us, as we will be prepared when this May-uary weather turns to July-uary weather and all the lakes and reservoirs are filled and every aquatic thing in the state is doing some kind of underwater Macarena.


Moving right along from all things aquatic to our winged neighbors – the Birds. As the snow falls about an inch a minute, we decided to rejoice in the wet weather with a walk with our favorite cur – we’ll call him Scoop, as we believe in being responsible pet owners (see Tuesday’s Petscene). We were walking in the very pleasant neighborhood of Gold Run Circle in Dillon early one morning and noticed birds are thriving in the area. Fat robins are picking up worms from the wet street and fending off crows and magpies from their nest of fledglings. Finches and sparrows are flying in little flocks and taking hold of the narrow branches of aspen trees. Farther along, down the eastern shore of Dillon Reservoir, bluebirds nest and raise their young and blend in with the lupine, which takes hold on the hills later in the spring. As the ice begins to melt from the reservoir, often referred to as a lake, the swallows return and begin to repair or replace their mud nests they prefer to build in the eaves of buildings. Up and down the shore of Dillon and down the Dillon peninsula, redtail hawks and goshawks sit on dead trees spying their prey or circle up in the thermals high above for what appears to be just a bit of fun. Many a time, we have come across Dillon Dam Road and found ravens riding the thermals created by the steep grade of the dam in twos and threes. Twice last spring, we spotted the nation’s majestic symbol – the bald eagle – plying our sky: once in the mudflats where Ten Mile Creek enters Dillon Reservoir and once out on the Dillon Peninsula. In some large way, this brought a smile to our heart this early morning as we trudged through yet another snowstorm but were rewarded with the calming sounds of spring – a bird’s song.


The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center’s Kim Porter, who we think is cute as a bug’s ear, wants to remind Widespread Panic fans without tickets to next month’s Red Rock concerts there is still hope – but only for the lucky. Folks celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Breckenridge’s Mi Casa this evening will get a ticket upon entering the Mexican establishment and purchasing a $17 all-you-can-eat buffet benefitting the BOEC. Here’s how it works with the pair of Widespread tickets: Everyone who attends the buffet benefit (and silent auction) receives one of those little red, blue or yellow tickets with six numbers and, at midnight, when everyone is sufficiently lubricated, a drawing will take place. The one caveat, Kim tells us, the winner must be present to claim the Widespread ticket prize. Good luck out there, all you late-night fans. The concert date is Sunday, June 29.


Finally, we want to wish everyone out there in Summit Up Land to have a safe, wonderful Cinco de Mayo celebration. Adios!

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