Summit Up 3-10-13: Powder day |

Summit Up 3-10-13: Powder day

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is wondering just how awesome the snow was on Saturday.

See, the problem is that the poor souls here in the ol’ newsroom were shackled to our desks, working tirelessly to craft this fine publication. We weren’t wholly unaware as our office is equipped with windows and an antiquated police scanner, but watching Ullr’s bounty fall through a glass pain is just not the same as taking a pow shot to the face on a crisp morning.

From what we gathered from the scanner (or unit seems to only pick up the chatter between ski area workers, leaving us with no other resort but to constantly call our local law enforcement every time we hear sirens) the snow was pretty good.

So here is hoping that we can find a hidden stash or two today when we make it out to the hill.

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