Summit Up 3-12-11: Featuring the tale of the pugnacious pug |

Summit Up 3-12-11: Featuring the tale of the pugnacious pug

Special to the Daily Don't scoff at those crappy home-made landscapes you see at garage sales and in gift shops - take them home and embellish them with monsters! That's what this one guy does, and we came across his wonderful objets d'art online at He calls them 'involuntary collaborations.' Love it.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to start off by giving the folks in Japan a shout-out and a ton of good karma following the earthquake and tsunami on Friday. Fortunately, Japan has done a lot of work in the past few decades under the wise assumption that The Big One was coming again, and no doubt those preparations had a lot to do with the fact that, while hundreds died, it wasn’t thousands like in some other places.

It doesn’t seem at all fair, does it, that a really big natural disaster like an earthquake also comes with another big natural disaster – the tsunami (which, granted, sounds cool, but not so much when you’re on the business end of one of these things). It’d be like if you had a hurricane and then, right behind that, there was a swarm of locusts or a bunch of rampaging hot magma. Or say there’s a very large avalanche and, as if that weren’t enough, a bunch of pine beetles rose out of the snow and chomped every tree that wasn’t knocked down in the slide.

Anyway, Japan’s got it tough, and if you’ve got some spare cash to help, the best place is typically the American Red Cross:


OK, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Lenice Dower (who gets the Summit Up Unique Name du Jour Citation) who writes thusly:

“On Feb. 4 my dogs were outside with my brother and ran off. My Leavitt bull dog was picked up by a man and brought home. My little black pug was not found. We thought she was dead or that someone had her. We did everything to find her like, put a lost ad in the Summit Daily, called all local vets/animal hospitals, went hiking in the last place they were seen several times, made a report with animal control and posted flyers. We had almost given up hope when we received a call on Feb. 28 from Animal Control letting us know that someone had found my pug in the woods off of Buffalo Drive while hiking and she was still alive. We were shocked to hear this because she was out there so long alone with all of the snow and negative temps. I am amazed at my little dog’s will to live.”

Wow! That’s one hardy pooch – one pugnacious pug! We’re happy to hear she made it back in one piece. Being a Summit County dog, though, it may not be all that surprising. She probably figured out how to construct a snow cave out of branches and discarded dog-poop bags along the trail, then kept warm by barking the words to old Jim Salestrom songs all through the night. When she got lonely, she conjured images of her pal the Leavitt bulldog and her owner, Lenice. When all seemed lost, she dreamed of her full dog dish and that warm place in front of the fire. In the daytime, the pug passed the time by working out, adding nice touches to the snow cave and exploring her surroundings, thinking all the while: “Y’know, I’m sure this, too, shall pass, and this trail will really make for an excellent hike come summertime. I shall most certainly tell Lenice about this place.”

There’s a kid’s book in there somewhere.

We out.

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