Summit Up 3-14-10 |

Summit Up 3-14-10

Special to the Daily/Matt Krane

Good Morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column demanding more peanuts on airplanes.

We understand there’s a liability for people with food allergies, but pretzels fail to offer equivalent satisfaction.


So we’ve got a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!:

The roads are out of control! Early Saturday afternoon found us driving from Frisco to Keystone amid awful chaos.

First was the little Acura traveling in front of us that took a hard right turn from the left lane, forcing brake slammage.

Then came the oncoming pick-em-up truck making a left turn wa-a-ay to close for comfort.

We shook our heads and proceeded down Dillon Dam Road. Highway 6 was just fine until we were about 2 miles from the Montezuma Parking lot.

Some jerk in one of the white shuttle buses threw out a box of tissues – that wasn’t even empty – and it almost struck our grille.

We shook our fist and yelled, but the careless passenger likely didn’t hear a thing.

On the way back to Frisco, someone in a white sport-utility vehicle completed a 360 degree u-turn at a four-way-stop intersection.

We shook our heads in disgust once more.


As if we deal with nutty motorists enough on a daily basis, some other scumbag – who we’ve learned works in local government – abandoned his car in our driveway.

It’s been more than 2 months and we’re still waiting for this ugly heap of machinery to be taken out of our way.

We’d sure love to involve local authorities, but our roommate keeps pleading that we give the creep yet another chance.

Last week we were beginning to lose patience. Now, we’ve had enough!

There’s no excuse for such disrespect, and we certainly don’t mind taking the matter into our own hands.


While we’re on the topic of disgust, it may as well be aired that we’ve had a particularly disturbing experience occur twice at the same Gilpin County casino hotel:

Blood stains.

That’s right. The first offense occurred last fall on some sheets, and last week there was quite the prominent blood stain on our pillow.

In both instances we checked ourselves and our pals for signs of injury and found none. On closer inspection, both blood stains were dry.

The first time, we told the people at the front desk. They told us the sheets had been cleaned so there was nothing to worry about. Wow. Thanks a lot.

We’re just hoping whoever’s blood it was is OK. It’s easy to get self-destructive when you’ve been drinking free booze all night and losing next month’s rent on the tables.

Conclusion: The next time we visit ole Gilpin to toss dice with geriatrics, we’re bringing our own sleeping bags and pillows.


But enough of Negative Nancy.

We’d like to spend the rest of the column lauding the stuff we love:

– Longboarding. There are enough dry lengths of road that we recently got the board a-rolling across the community. It feels good to know that springtime is officially less than a week away.

– Daylight Savings Time. Regardless of whatever political conspiracies exist behind this annual tradition banned in Arizona, we enjoy that extra bit of sunshine in the evenings.

– College hoops. Forget what we said yesterday. We didn’t mean it. The NCAA Tournament is an exciting series of events that puts even a team ranked 65 in the running for the championship crown.Those buzzer-beating moments set our hearts a-fluttering like nothing else.

– Gas station food. Times are tough, and two hot dogs for $2.22 at the Frisco Loaf ‘N Jug is quite the lunch-time treat.

We had a bacon and egg burrito from 7-11 today, too. It was a taste of home; well, not our home, but it certainly had a homestyle flavor.

– Dogs. Man’s best friend and the inversion of God. Hallelujah!

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

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