Summit Up 3-15-11: Heralding the arrival of poop-melt season |

Summit Up 3-15-11: Heralding the arrival of poop-melt season

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column that’s wondering why our companions have such bad breath.

He keeps breathing on us and she gives us kisses – and we have to shrug our shoulders or push their faces away. It’s sad, because we really do like affection, the but not when they have dog breath. In fact, it smells like they’ve just been eating poo.

Well, the fact of the matter is, they probably HAVE been eating poo. We witnessed it with our own eyes. Yup, those golden retrievers were surely investigating the horse manure along the trail we traversed with them on a visit to warmer climates.

It brings us to wonder what’s going to happen with all that poo along the popular trails outside our beloved dog-friendly towns, where pets have been allowed to let loose in the hopes that snow will cover it up and no one will notice.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the spring melt, but we’re pretty sure this is nothing new for this area. In fact, those trails could probably be dug up and used as fertilizer.

Heck, at least the snow covers it up so our pups aren’t tempted to sniff at and potentially munch on the poo and come home to give us icky kisses …

In the meantime, operators are standing by to receive your calls and e-mails about the terrible dog poop problem that rears its ugly little head with the snowmelt every year. While we agree 100 percent with these complaints, it’s always rather amusing to hear from what we presume are newcomers to the area given the degree of righteous indignation in their voice. Have we SEEN the EXTENT of the dog poop PROBLEM out there??!! (Indeed, we say in lowercase letters, we have.) Do these people have no SHAME! (Probably not, we think.) What is the MATTER with people who let their dogs let loose all over the place???!!! (They’re morons, we say, quietly to ourselves while contemplating larger things – like the thousands dead in Japan.) I moved here for the SCENIC BEAUTY not the @#$@!!!! dog poop! (Yes, but sometimes ya gotta take the good with the bad.) And home is home, good or ill.


Speaking of home, we came across this video about a guy living in a home that’s 8 feet by 12 feet, and portable.

It looks awfully cramped, but he says he loves it. Has changed his life, he says.

Jay Shafer has his belongings packed into compact shelves and storage spaces. His lofted bed looks really rather comfortable.

He decided that the 4,000 square foot home from his childhood wasn’t ideal in terms of mortgage, utilities, chores, and more – like spacious living, storage, stability … this type of living really lets you escape your neighbors if they turn out to be odd.

Though we really have to wonder if he goes stir-crazy when it rains for extended periods … the video makes it look like he lives in a forever sunny area. Maybe it’s our Colorado or the American West backyard.

It looks especially cool when he tows his home behind his truck along the wide-open road.

For the record, he’s designing these homes for folks. Looks like one wound up in the Grand Teton area, from the looks of the video. Just in case you’re interested in taking up living in a space about a tenth of the average American home, check it out:

You, too, can learn what it feels like to live like a gerbil.


On another note about warmer climates, we think it’s funny that back east, people use rakes on their lawns.

We think it’s kinda like brushing the grass. You know, removing the twigs and hair – er, grass – that’s fallen out and making it look all nice and tidy. We imagine sometimes it can be like brushing your little girl’s hair and pulling out all the tangles and such.

And it’s kinda like the dinglehopper – is that the right one? – from “The Little Mermaid.” A fork, turned into a comb of sorts by those underwater people with fins for legs.

But in this case, it’s a mutation of a comb into an oversized, metal comb with a handle so we don’t have to be on our hands and knees to brush the lawn.


With that, we’ll say that we’re happy we don’t often have to deal with the same leaves and debris as they do where there’s plenty of deciduous trees and rain to make all that stuff fall to the ground.

And, looking around, we’re pretty sure we won’t see the ground for several more weeks, so even if we did want to brush our lawns – for the fun of it – we can’t for awhile yet.

We wish you a happy Tuesday!

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