Summit Up 3-16-10 |

Summit Up 3-16-10

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that welcomes all you spring breakers to the county!

(sound of beer cans opening)

But remember, you shouldn’t drink alcohol when first coming up to altitude!

(sound of laughter)

Well, OK, but please be careful out there! Drink lot of water, and take the bus or walk and don’t ski or ride loaded and don’t make an ass of yourself on St. Paddy’s Day (or any other day) and definitely do NOT brand each other’s butts with a coat hanger. It’s vacation, it doesn’t mean you have license to behave like Huns!

So much for the finger wagging. Gosh, we’re getting old. Why can’t we be more like Ogie? (see above)


So Sunday, as we were driving home on a snowy, sleety, yucky night (although it promptly got all dry as soon as we got in Summit), we were almost to the tunnel when we heard this enormoug POP! At first, we thought we’d blown a tire, or that someone had discharged a shotgun nearby. But it turned out to be a bag of potato chips we’d purchased in Denver exploding with the altitude.

Holy cow! Talk about having the daylights scared out of you while you’re driving in terrible weather. We figure it was a sign to eat healthier. Or not. We out.

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