Summit Up 3-19-11: Looking for Mr. Right in Summit County |

Summit Up 3-19-11: Looking for Mr. Right in Summit County

Special to the DailyTonight at the Silverthorne Pavilion you can kick up your country heels with the Walker Williams Band and dance instruction from 7-11 p.m. with Michael 'Tex' DeGarie - seen here with his wife and dance pardner Sandra.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s contemplating that old Summit County thing about how, when it comes to the dating scene for women, the odds are good … but the goods are odd. How true is this? Well, let’s hear from Triple S in Frisco (Sexy, Successful and Single):”Wow! Does it really have to get down to a single gal writing about the frustrations of relationships in Summit County? Here in the notorious tourist industry of Summit County, containing multiple ski areas within a 30-mile radius, there are almost no decent men worth a young, attractive girl’s time.”Speaking from experience, the ski and snowboard culture has tainted our community with the idea that fun and excitement are all there are to life. This is attractive in young teenagers, but makes for really creepy older men in their late 20s and 30s. It’s a very similar response to seeing an older woman in a tube top. “May have looked cute when you were younger but now it’s just disturbing.” The same is true for the carefree attitude men in Summit County have.: no responsibility, no money, and no respect for successful women.”Now, to be fair, some men genuinely like successful women – as providers. They look at a successful girl as a sugar momma, and in their heads they fantasize about snowboarding all day and being free of responsibility forever. Fortunately, most girls aren’t falling for that one. Being one of those that is very successful and attractive, I tend to run into the same type of guys over and over again, and I have to admit, I have given up on the idea of finding a guy in Summit.”And before you “men” reading this become indignant and think you could change my mind, take a look at yourself.”Have you showered in the past 24 hours?”Do you have a steady job or are you going to be running around like crazy trying to find a job when the resorts close for the season?”Do you even live here or are you just visiting?”Do you look like you just walked out of Woodstock?”Are your pants at your waist or at your knees?”Is your hoodie five sizes too big for you? (Come on be honest, you know it is.)”If you answered yes to any of these, you proved my point. But let’s be fair, there aren’t a lot of girls for a guy to choose from either. The contradiction for me occurs when guys complain about what I like to call “Bro Girls.” Bro girls do all the above things that were listed, including not showering, or may I add, shaving. Cute girls are out there, but if you’re not looking your best, you’re not worth noticing. The truth is first impressions are powerful, and a guy is attracted to a girl that looks like she made an effort on her appearance, and a girl is attracted to a man that makes himself presentable. This idea, however, is lost in the fog of Summit County-ness and therefore, this single gal is looking for a city to have some sex, because it’s not here in this county.”Well, howzabout it local guys? Is there anyone out there who can measure up to Triple S’s lofty standards – all that showerin’ and shavin’ and wearin’ decent clothes business? If so, shoot us a photo, resume, college transcript and a brief, e-harmony kinda bio and we’ll see if she’ll give you the time of day. Surely there’s one man out there who’ll fit the bill!***OK, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Bill & Rhoda Barr, who write thusly:”This Angel Alert is for the folks at Burke and Riley’s Irish Pub. Our dear friend Nancy Shockey (executive director of Summit County Habitat for Humanity) is recovering from pneumonia at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver, and missed the traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration. During the lunch rush on one of their busiest days, Burke and Riley’s took the time to give us corned beef and cabbage to go, shamrock beads, and a souvenir T-shirt so we could take the party to Nancy. A fine time was had by all. And to Mark and Tracy Burke and Jack Riley, you guys are just the best!”Nice! And we read somewhere that nothing treats pneumonia like corned beef. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? And you can use the cabbage for nose-blowin’.We out.

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