Summit Up 3-26-11: Where surf n turf means hot dogs n fish sticks |

Summit Up 3-26-11: Where surf n turf means hot dogs n fish sticks

Special to the Daily/Kay Beaton

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s bellying up to a nice big plate of pipin’ hot grouper this fine day – this following our previous column wondering about this particular fish and a series of text-email thingies that landed in our inbox froman unknown person who wrote, choppily:”Dear Mr. Up: Grouper is the premier fish for people who do not like fish. It is prized by diners in Florida, partly because it lacks …(sound of us laboriously opening the next email)”… a ‘fishy’ taste, and mostly because it is extraordinarily delicious. It is a large, rather unattractive fish (though beauty is in …(sound of us, etc. etc.)”… the eye of the beholder) that can surprise one when it leaps skyward fro the Gulf of Mexico. For those who prefer ‘fishy’ fish …”… there is always mullet, a favorite of Gulf-area natives. And no, “mullet” it is not an edible hairstyle.”Well, thanks there, anonymous text-emailer dude/dudette! And thanks for giving us a surname. No one’s ever called us “Mr. Up” before, although to be accurate it should be “Mr. & Mrs. Up” because it’s not just guys driving the keyboard on this kooky old bathtub being pulled by a herd of aardvarks (thanks you, Kurt Vonnegut).Anyway, if you can find grouper in your grocer’s freezer, check it out. We’d say “in your grocer’s seafood counter” but we have to say that, for most locals, the seafood counter is sorta like a jewelry store: You can window-shop a little bit, but who can afford any of that action! For us, a big seafood dinner is a tuna sandwich and maybe a couple of anchovies. When we hear dinner is “surf and turf” we know we’re in for a smorgasbord of hot dogs and fish sticks. When we see an armored car outside City Market, we know they’re bringing in the halibut and we can only gaze longingly at its cold, dead form there on the ice.We’re just sayin’. Maybe some day …***Well folks, it’s Saturday, and we’re not sure it’ll be raining or snowing or sunning or winding or what, so be sure to dress in layers, be ready for anything and just get out there and enjoy it all. Look for us in the parking lot – we’ll be the ones with frozen grouper strapped to our heads for no good reason.We out.

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