Summit Up 3-26-13: Black, white and red trim all over |

Summit Up 3-26-13: Black, white and red trim all over

Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Mike McManus

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is stricken with a spring fever that has us howling at the moon and clawing down filling out of our puffer jackets like a rabid fox in a henhouse. However, no seasonal shift would drive us to the madness that a reader recently described for us.

Reader Beth is sounding the alarm on a “seriously ugly thief or thieves in Peak 7.”


“A girlfriend was pulling up to the house and saw a guy in a white hoody and black pants walk up our driveway,” Beth writes.

The man put a hand-built sled under his arm and took off down the road. Our reader’s son had rebuilt the sled for his sister as a Christmas present.

“She is heartbroken as this has such rich sentimental value,” Beth writes.

Hasn’t this Grinch seen “Citizen Kane?” Sleds are a potent symbol of the passage of childhood. Couldn’t he have picked a mountain bike or a pair of skis? No one will murmur “Cannondale … Cannondale” on their deathbed.

So be on the look-out for a grown-ass man with a filched Flexible Flyer-style sled with red trim under his powder-loving posterior.

If, as Beth writes, “the dirt-bag” ditches it somewhere, contact the Summit Up world headquarters and let us know.

Rosebud … Rosebud.

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