Summit Up 3-30-11: Where bio-engineered snow comes back to bite us in the A** |

Summit Up 3-30-11: Where bio-engineered snow comes back to bite us in the A**


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that likes this time of year: We get a bunch of great snow to ski and ride on, but it mostly melts before we have to hassle shoveling it out of the way. It’s perfect, really, and it makes us wonder if there’s some way we can engineer snow to do this all year ’round so it’s less of a pain in the butt.

Maybe we could (and when we say “we,” we don’t mean us but, rather, smart scientists somewhere), but chances are the snow would then turn out to be carcinogenic, or more likely to cause car crashes or who knows what. As we’ve seen from a bazillion sci-fi flicks, you’ve gotta be careful tampering with nature, because as soon as you think you can have your way with her, she turns around and smacks you, really hard, right on the bottom, with a hairbrush.

The same holds true for robots, more or less. It’s just the way it is.


OK, recently we reported on the sad case of the man who lost the engagement ring he was about to present to his girlfriend. We have an update with both good and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Give us the bad news.

SU: OK – the ring was run over and is a bit messed up.

MSUR: And the good news.

SU: Well, we already kinda gave it away, but obviously the ring was found. On the other hand, we should point out that since the guy had the ring in a Ziploc bag (a fact we’d sorta poked fun at him about), the ring and setting were still together in the bag, so presumably it can be made whole again. The folks at Cal Spas in Dillon were the one who found the ring outside their store.

Anyway, word is the proposal will now take place in Florida and a photo may be forthcoming. We’ll see. And hopefully it goes a little better the next time around.


Here we have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from Anonymous in Breck (who still owes us money, BTW), who writes thusly:

“Several times a week I find myself walking in front of Cecelia’s nightclub in Breckenridge. The amount of filth piled in front this particular bar is appalling. I understand that it is a bar and that inebriated people aren’t necessarily thinking of aesthetic issues or environmental stewardship in the wee hours. In front of most any bar, in Breckenridge and elsewhere, you are bound to see a few cigarette butts and discarded beverage containers that were snuck outside. This particular area seems to get overwhelmingly disgusting, though. Is there any way the town can force the establishment to keep the area clean or could fines be imposed to offset the cost of the town cleaning it up more regularly?”

Well Anonymous we bet there are ways, and we shall see. In the meantime, be ye warned, all you litterbugs outside Cecelia’s: Pick it up! Or we’re tellin’ yer moms.

Well folks, it’s Hawmps Day, so get out there and enjoy it for all it’s worth. It might be a good one.

We out.

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