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Summit Up 3-4-10

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feasting on barbecued raven following Wednesday’s power outage.

Yep, we heard it was an unfortunate bird that caused yet another power glitch around the county – although fortunately this one only lasted an hour or so. At first we thought KFC had some promo going, but then we were like, “Hey, that’s raven!” Which is pretty tasty if you serve it with a white-wine sauce and a side of spaetzle. The hard part is prying the bird off the power-station insulator thingies. And then there’s all the de-feathering and de-boning and what have ya so that, by the time it’s all said in done, you have the equivalent of like one Raven McNugget.

But some say it’s really worth all the effort.


So this weather thing: Our theory is that, following this heat wave, we’ll have more annoyingly dry weather just up to the point where we’re all like “Hokay – we’re ready for spring/summer,” at which point it will start snowing like mad just in time for the ski areas to close. We heard a rumor that storms are “backing up” across Asia, and they’ll soon be heading our way.

Well, thanks goodness for A-Basin, which is open until early June! And hopefully we’re wrong and some of this bounty will hit in time for the waning weeks of the ski season which, amazingly enough, are here. Closing dates are April 18 for Copper and Breck and April 11 for Keystone. Loveland says they’ll be open until late May as well.

Could be a heckuva spring skiing season! And we hear it’s gonna rain flaming meteorites on Wolf Creek, so forget about that place and all those other southern ski areas.

It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about the end of the season. It seems like just last fall we were getting all pumped for it to get started …


We have a Netflix Wrong Movie Alert going out to anyone who wants to order Inglourious Basterds, which is up for a Best Picture Oscar this Sunday. There was another film called “Inglorious Bastards” made in the 1970s which is most definitely not the Quentin Tarantino 2009 model. We were so annoyed by the whole thing we didn’t even watch the “original” (with Bo Svenson!), so for all we know it’s awesome. And we figured out why Quentin spelled his film title all funny an’ all.

Anyway, just a head’s up.

It’s Thursday, whatever that means. We out.

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