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Summit Up 3-5-10

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to have as its official vehicle this flying hovercraft we read about online. According to a story in The Telegraph, a newspaper in Great Britain, this dude in New Zealand created a flying hovercraft made out of parts from his barbecue, his wife’s car and his daughter’s scooter. It can go 56 mph and has a range of 140 miles, but here’s the best part: It flies about 10 feet off the ground.

Holy crap! We’ll take two! At 10 feet, that’s high enough that we could zoom over all the stuck cars on the way up to the Eisenhower Tunnel during Sunday evening traffic jams. We wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in snow, and we could use it to go from Frisco to Dillon across the reservoir (inspiring a whole new set of hand-wringing on the part of Denver Water).

The guy who built it, Rudy Heeman, says this isn’t a mellow ride. On the auction website (where the thing is up to $27,200 when we checked Thursday afternoon), he writes: “This machine is fast and furious, it roars like a lion, and is not for the faint hearted.”

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Two questions – what’s that in US dollars and will it fit through the tunnel?

SU: That about $18,668 US and we’re not sure about the length of the wingspan. Might have to fly it over Loveland Pass.


So lately CMC has been in the news, with its bid to get four-year degrees going – which we think would be pretty cool. We had a note from Steve Stephens of Dillon Valley who’s already thinking ahead to when CMC has its own “full-fledged college football program” and writes thusly:

“I could go into all the details about this, like how important it will be to recruit players from Texas and Florida, but right now my main concern is what will be the team’s mascot be. We have to be real careful here in not upsetting certain ethnic groups, i.e. Native America Indians, when making this decision. But I think I have the perfect mascot, which of course could be none other than the ‘Rocky Mountain Pine Beetles.’ They are ‘Tough’ little critters which are hard to ‘Beat!’ Your thoughts?”

Well, we’re not sure what kind of traction you’d get with a slogan like “We’re tough little critters that are hard to beat,” and we’re thinking that, generally speaking, sports teams don’t name themselves after loathsome, burrowing insects that lay waste to entire forest systems. But other than that, sounds pretty cool!

If not the Pine Beetles, other CMC mascots could be the Marmots, the Bighorn Sheep, the Lynx or how about the Snowboarders? Aspen High School uses “the Skiers”; maybe it’s high time someone had snowboarders as a mascot.

Just a thought.

We’ve gotta run – it’s Friday, Summit County! Enjoy …

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