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Summit Up 3-6-10

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is fired up about a new desktop game proposed by one of the Staffers: Mini Curling. The idea is based on those little “Zen gardens” – you know, where you get a little tray of sand with tiny rakes and stuff and it’s supposed to calm you down at work in between those phone calls from clients calling you a butt-knocker and Joe in accounting telling you about his weekend through what seems like a bullhorn all with breath so bad he’s set fire to the drapes.

Where were we? Oh, right: Mini Curling – so you get a little tray, fill it with water and freeze it. Then you take some Sweet Tarts candy discs and you slide ’em around. Voila! Instant, low-budget desktop de-stresser with a Winter Games theme!

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: What do we use for the little brooms?

SU: Q-Tips, of course! Have fun. But be safe – wear gloves.


So, holders of season ski passes know that Vail Resorts gives you the “Resort Charge” option of linking your credit card to your pass, so that if you’re hankerin’ for a treat on the hill you can just whip out your pass. Parents often use this so their kids can buy stuff when they’re at ski lessons, etc., and one Frisco parent told us a funny story about how kids view money.

“He said they had these candy bars that were ‘really, really expensive – like 5 bucks,’ and I said, ‘So you didn’t buy it, right?’ And he said ‘Of course not, I used Resort Charge!'”

It seems the lad was under the impression that anything “purchased” with Resort Charge was just sorta taken care of somehow – it wasn’t really buying the candy bar. Sounds like a cautionary tale for years ahead, when credit cards enter our lives! Although, from what we understand, plenty of adults use the “Resort Charge” mentality with the ol’ plastic, only instead of dad to fuss at you, you’ll have the credit card companies rain down on your poor head with extravagant interest rates and fees.


On the page here you’ll see a photo of the gang at Vinny’s, a restaurant in Frisco that’s become a favorite of the Summit Up Central Staffers. It’s in such a cool, sorta romantic location over the courtyard, and has a sweet menu and a very nice dining room – we just love that place! Go check it out if you haven’t already (or even if you have); they’re in Rainbow Court on Main Street, in Frisco.

Gotta run. Happy Saturday!

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