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Summit Up 3-7-10

Special to the DailySilverthorne resident Karl Easterly, 90, enjoys his 79th year of skiing at a party in his honor at Leadville's Ski Cooper on Feb. 17.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column giddy with pronghorn pride.

The elegant antelope is the fastest animal in the Western Hemisphere, as we learned recently while perusing the fine pages of the Summit Daily News.

Of course the planet’s fastest animal (up to 75 mph) gets fangs and claws and could easily outrun the pronghorn (60 mph), but the cheetah only dwells in the Eastern Hemisphere.

We don’t go for a drive through the Western Slope to see wild cheetah tearing apart deer or rabbit, but we get a real kick out of seeing some pleasant-looking pronghorn pawing the ground and snorting.

The pronghorn are able to run sooner, too.

Baby cheetah spend the first couple weeks of their lives blind and doing pretty much nothing.

Pronghorn meanwhile are able to run up to 30 mph within a few hours of birth. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Most of the cheetahs we’ve seen didn’t do much running, anyway.

We happened upon one of them at the a big city zoo a few years ago and it was surprisingly docile and well, boring.

It just hung out in a corner looking sad and lonely.

We’ve seen taxidermied antelope-type-creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and even they seemed better off than the boring old cheetah.

Perhaps all those sports teams have it wrong. Rather than using some sort of wild cats to inspire mascots, the pronghorn would be a much more suitable alternative.

It’s a quick animal with lots of spunk, powerful wit and a glare that could sink ships.


In other news, we’d like to direct your attention to the photograph at the top of this page.

Doesn’t Karl Easterly look like he’s having a blast?

He and his late brother, Verald were well-known in their heyday as ski racers and patrollers.

The two were recruited as teens to join the Western State College race team out of Gunnison.

“In 1931 at the ages of 12 and nine, Karl and Verald purchased their first leather, toe-strapped skis from the Montgomery Ward catalogue for $3.50,” according to a message from Bob and Judy Anderson of Frisco.

The Andersons, hosts for Ski Cooper’s Over the Hill Hang Senior Day arranged a party commemorating Karl Easterly’s years of skiing.

His stellar accomplishments include flipping over 8 foot jumpers at the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival in 1947 and, get this –

“He is forever present on screen doing flips over the fence at the Sun Valley Golf Course, jumping over the sleigh from ‘Sun Valley Serenade’ and skiing behind a helicopter holding a rope (while) doing jumps…” according to the message from the Andersons.

These accomplishments as well as footage of Easterly skiing across a river are featured in the “You Asked For It” film shown at Ski Cooper Bar.

The Andersons are hosting another OTHG Senior Day on March 17. The gang meets at the Ski Cooper cafeteria between 9:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

Both nordic and downhill skiing are accommodated. For more information, call the Andersons at (970) 668-1469.


Oh how we would love to get some more flips in this season!

Sadly, an encounter with a tree seems to have ended our season a bit earlier than we would have preferred.

Lately the only flips we’ve been getting have been on “New Tetris” for Nintendo 64. Oh well.

It’s Sunday, and we’re indoors cooking hot wings.

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