Summit Up 3-9-11: Home of the Moldovian St. Patty’s Day martini |

Summit Up 3-9-11: Home of the Moldovian St. Patty’s Day martini

The Exclusiv Saint Pats-tini

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day with a refreshing cocktail made of Russian vodka. Well, OK, technically this Exclusiv vodka is from Moldova, which used to be part of the Soviet Union and is now just li’l old Moldova, a country between Romania and Ukraine near the Black Sea. Someone sent us a bottle of this vodka and suggested we try it, so we decamped to the home of our next-door neighbor – a prominent Summit County citizen and all-around good guy who happens to make the best martini around.

BTW: This Exclusiv vodka is made of wheat – the “finest quality winter wheat” – it says here, and it comes in a groovy silvery-blue bottle. Its claim to fame is that it’s less expensive than those high-end vodkas, but still tastes like them.

So we did a little taste test, pitting the Exclusiv – an upstart newcomer out to prove itself – with a known entity: Ketel One – another wheat vodka that’s made in the Netherlands and which many a martini drinker will tell you makes a damn good martini.

Anyway, the upshot was we couldn’t tell much of a difference between Ketel One and Exclusiv – they both made a damned good dirty. This could mean many things, ranging from the fact that normal people have a hard time really discerning one vodka from another, or that these are both excellent vodkas worth of martinis everywhere. And, if we’re looking at a significant price diff between Ketel One and Exclusiv, then by golly we might just go the Moldovian route!

And, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day next week, we thought we’d share this recipe the Exclusiv folks sent us:

Exclusiv Saint Pats-tini

2 oz Exclusiv Vodka

1/2 oz Creme de Cocoa

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1/2 oz green Creme de Menthe

Shake first three ingredients pour into a chilled martini glass and then sink Green Creme de Menthe.

There you have it! We can’t say we tried this, so you’re on your own with whatever taste testing you want to do. But at least it’s green!


OK, so t’other day we were blathering on about Mustache March and how the originators of such – the Follicle Freedom Foundation – made some noise about donating to charity via something called “MACC,” and we expressed some skepticism. Then we received this e-mail from Lora Kaelber from Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc. (MACC!) who to say that the Follicle Freedom folks did indeed contribute some funds back in 2004 to the organization.

So there, one mystery solved. Charity aside, we do recommend all clean-shaven dudes grow a ‘stache, and if you’ve already got a full pelt – as many of the Summit Up Central Staffers do (the males, anyway) – then trim that baby into a sweet Fu Manchu and amaze your friends while terrifying your wife/girlfriend and any children in the vicinity.


Stacy in Breck writes in a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! saying:

“There is a local Summit County realtor who contacted me about an armoire I had placed for sale in the SDN classifieds. She came to my house, gave me her realtor business card, and gave me a sob story about a family whose house had burned down. She said that a group of local realtors were pulling together and buying new furniture for the family’s new home. She then asked me to lower my asking price, for the sake of the family, which I did.

“I met the mover at my house and began chatting about the armoire and where it was going. He told me was scheduled to take it to home of the realtor, and not to any family in need. He took it the next day into the living room of this Silverthorne-based realtor.

“We then proceeded to call and ask her about this, and she became very defensive. We asked if we could send flowers or a gift to the family for all their troubles, but was told that they ‘wanted their privacy.’

“We asked about the other realtors involved, so that we could put something in the SDN acknowledging the kind act, but was told once again, that they wouldn’t want their names published. She then told us she would call us back with the information about the family later that day. We never heard from her again.

“So, bottom line is, this realtor used this fake story to put our new furniture in her home. Lie to me, but don’t lie to me about a story like that. That’s just wrong.”

We agree. A thousand pointy arrows of bad karma in that so-called realtor’s direction!

Stacy also wrote to chide us about our loose use of the term “schizophrenic,” saying:

“Your ‘diagnosing’ the Dillon Dam Road/other local roads as being schizophrenic is just plain wrong. Schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder (which is a separate illness) but is classified by hallucinations and/or delusions. You should read up on your psychology and perhaps purchase the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition), where you can check on these over-used terms and poorly understood world of mental conditions. Stick to what you know, and if you don’t know for sure, then don’t write it, please. There are people out there with these conditions, and it doesn’t help when the local news source helps perpetuate these wrong definitions.”

Thanks Stacy. We’re already like halfway through our freshly purchased audio book version of the DSM IV (we had to drive to Lake Okeechobee and back to do so, but b’golly it was worth it!) and we promise we shall never, ever write about anything we don’t know about in this ridiculous column EVER AGAIN!

Unless we feel like it and we can’t think of anything else.


Here’s one we haven’t had in a while: A Smarty Pants Alert! Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Jameson Frykholm and

Lauren Nease, both of Breckenridge and both attending Seattle Pacific University over there in, y’know, Seattle. They both made the dean’s list in the last quarter. Nice work!


Well, another Village Inn free pie day, another epic Summit Up column. We hope you made it this far, and if you did then reward yourself with a bowl of soup or a cigar or something. Or just quietly go about your bidness. The choice is yours.

We out.

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