Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world1s only daily column that now knows where the Solomon Islands are.To most, this probably isn1t a very valuable piece of geographical trivia, but you1d be surprised how important such facts are when the clock is ticking down and your living room reputation as trivia champ is on the line.A group of field agents returned from a weekend outing in Greeley (we sent them down for the annual Blooming of the Cow Patties Celebration) and sauntered into the living room at the Summit Up Sleep Headquarters and Iniquity Development Center, and immediately showed us the prize with which they had returned: a globe. Not just any old globe, however. This one1s computerized. And if the rise of the digital age has taught us anything, it1s that, if it1s computerized, it better have games.Games this globe has. It1s actually quite high-tech. This Leap Frog globe includes a pen you touch to the surface and the computerized base tells you the name of the country, or how deep an ocean is, and you can touch two different countries and it1ll compare their populations or other facts. The games involve finding countries it names within the allotted time.We spent the better part of the evening foregoing the usual filler of Playstation, Superstation movie re-runs and all the other 3-stations that keep us stationary on the couch, instead playing educational games with the gang. We can1t recall the last time we saw a roomful of adults passing around a globe playing National Geographic Jeopardy!, but it was strangely pleasing to watch it this time.So, if you1re feeling bored and looking for something to do, break out the maps and invent a game. Trust us, you1ll be better for it.***Congrats! to 2001 Summit High School grad Annabel Truesdell, daughter of Sam and Gretchen. Annabel made the dean1s list at Colgate University in New York, where she1s majoring in music. And that ain1t no song and dance.***This Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! first started as a Scum Alert! Our karmic threats must have worked, though.3Hello, my name is Peter King, with local band The Burn and I issued a Scum Alert! with all sorts of nasty wishes upon the Oscum-er1 who stole my backpack at a gig at Jonny G1s. Anywho, it must1ve worked because someone returned my pack and my treasured Red Sox shirt. It has restored my faith in humans in general and I hereby rescind all the nasty things I wished upon this person. I hope they win the lottery and find money on the ground at every turn!Gosh, we love a happy ending.***People are still reeling from our April Fools edition. Boot Gordon of Silverthorne wrote in with some interesting feedback on the false front to Monday1s paper. Boot was en route from the Philippines after the defeat of the Japanese in World War II. The only source of news for the 5,000 troops on board was a daily newspaper. April 1, the paper ran a bogus headline that the U.S. was at war with Russia and the boat was turning around and heading for Manila. Obviously, this would upset some of the soldiers, and Boot says there were rumors that two sailors jumped overboard when they heard the news. Needless to say, Boot is not a big fan of our April Fool jokes.3But your article about Keystone1s replacing its gondola with a llama train and how they1d get back down<OYou ever seen a llama on skis?1<was brilliant. And your OSingles Connection for Pets1 wasn1t half-bad either, Boot wrote.We1re glad somebody has a good sense of humor.***We1re out looking for Moldova …

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