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Good morning, and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column wondering if PETA will be tracking down these black crows, pictured somewhere on this page (in the paper, not on the Internet), and filing a harassment suit on behalf of the cat.

We can’t help being disturbed by the Hitchcock-esque episode, and we’re wondering who will be the birds’ next target.

We can only hope it’s not the Dogs of the Upside-Down Dishwasher. (Doesn’t that sound like it should be a calendar? It could – there are enough dogs.) These poor dogs are already tortured enough by being asked to hang out outside, having been banned from the building after some unfortunate, uhh, leftovers left over inside the Upside-Down Dishwasher. (And you thought the local trails were bad.)

We’re at a loss for what else to ponder today. It’s sort of a ponder-free day, we guess.

So, we’re pondering what to ponder:

a) Attack of the black crows

*) Does underwater tennis make you want to buy insurance?

%) Has Keifer Sutherland become the official voice-over dude of all things video?

+) Now that we’ve won the war in Iraq, will the U.S. progress to the division war championships?

$) Is it time to give up the Kevin Bacon game and play the Philip Seymour Hoffman game instead?

#) Beetlejuice

?) Did dinosaurs build Stonehenge? (OK, we stole that one, but we have pondered it.)

n) How did Minnesota get into the Western Conference finals?

^) Can we blame Led Zeppelin for making people want to misspell words, like Wensdae? Or are people just bad spellers?


It’s Tuesday, and by Tuesday, we mean Wednesday

on the other side of the

International Dateline. Send your nominations for what

to ponder to, or just make the sound of birds pondering on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

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