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Good morning, and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering about pork butts.

Yes folks, our field agent from Alabama (you didn’t know we had field agents that far in the Deep South, did you?) reports that Alabamans sell not just pork butt, but pork butt on a stick! It ain’t American unless it comes on a stick.


Susan asked us to send out a big Thank You!! to all the motorists driving down Main Street in Breck the other day. She and her husband were walking down the street when their long-haired dachshund slipped out of its collar and ran right across the street. Susan gave chase but, of course, the dog thought this was some sort of catch-me-if-you-can game. Anyway, the alert drivers all stopped so there was no squishing and Susan was able to round up little Bandit.

“It was wonderful,” Susan said. “I never got anybody’s license plates or anything or even waved a thank-you because I was so freaked out.”


And since it’s such a wonderful day, we have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to share with you.

Ann Anderson faxed us and said she was walking her neighbor’s dogs through Mesa Cortina on May 10. She was on Royal Redbird when a moose came running out of a yard and charged her and the canines. Talk about a close call – the moose swung its rack near enough to swipe the dog leash right out of her hand.

Ann and the dogs hid behind a tree, but had it not been for a resident nearby who not only yelled to warn her the moose was coming at her and then scared the moose off to save the trio, we might be writing a very different story.

We’ll send out the usual angel wings, but instead of a halo for this one, how about a golden moose rack headset?

And a reminder to anyone who didn’t know it already: Stay away from moose; they aren’t big fans of us as neighbors.


It’s Saturday, and that means food on a stick! We’re out eating corn dogs S

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