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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column dry-shaving on the corner of life.

Actually, we weren’t dry-shaving anywhere – ouch! But, like Summit Up readers everywhere, we have seen people shaving, primping, reading, eating, phoning and goodness knows what else while driving.

But today, a field agent came in the office kicking himself because he didn’t have a camera. He needed one because as he was driving down Frisco’s Main Street, he saw what appeared to be an average Joe standing at the bus stop – shaving.

And he was using one of those cheap plastic razors! What kind of social affair would make one that desperate?! Ouch!


We present to you a little game we just made up so it’s probably not very good, but we’re sure people will have fun with it anyway. Keep in mind, we mean no offense to anyone! It’s a GAME! We got the idea from a food article about a Muslim-style salad. We didn’t know food could have a religious affiliation, but we’re willing to go along!

The game is called:

Religious Affiliations of Food

We’ll give you a list of common foods, and you assign the proper religious affiliation.

French fries Judaism

Humus Buddhism

Ice cream Hari Krishna

Catholic Rice-A-Roni

Polytheistic Apple pie

Lutheran Three-bean salad

Lasagna B’hai

Pad Thai

Creme brulee

(This would be Catholic

if there were no such

thing as sin) Calvinist

Gazpacho or

Vichysoisse or

other cold soups Scientologists

Beef Wellington Branch Dividians

Seafood gumbo Christian Scientists

Chicken cordon bleu Animism

Vodka Zen Buddhism

Borscht Methodists

Bratwurst Baptist

Chipati Jehovah’s Witness

Curried shrimp,

chicken or lentils Episcopalian

Couscous Unitarian


What does one do when one picks up a ringing phone and a strange voice on the other end asks, “Is this my daughter?”

We screamed and hung up.


We out dry-shaving for the weekend. Ta.

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