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Good morning, and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column contemplating our navels.

We recently learned that there is a word meaning exactly that:

“Omphaloskepsis” is defined as, “contemplating one’s navel as an aid to meditation.”

The World Wide Words Web site offers this history on the weird word:

“This word seems to be relatively new, at least the Merriam-Webster “Word of the Day’ column claims it to have been invented only in the 1920s.

“It turns up in only a few dictionaries and seems to be a word that survives more for the chance to show off one’s erudition than as a real aid to communication.

“If so, this article is a further perpetuation of its unreal status. It is formed from two Greek words, omphalos, “navel, boss, hub,’ and skepsis, “the act of looking; enquiry.’ The former turns up in words such as omphalotomy, “cutting of the umbilical cord,’ in the related omphalopsychic for, “one of a group of mystics who practised gazing at the navel as a means of inducing hypnotic reverie,’ and omphalomancy, “an ancient form of divination in which the number of children a woman would bear was determined from counting the knots in her umbilical cord at birth.'”

Go figure.


After reading our question about who would make a good marriage, based on what their new names would be, Dan Streeter sent us this reply:

“I always liked the marriage of Ella Fitzgerald to Darth Vader. I find it uplifting.”

Dan also wondered about some of the signs in Breckenridge:

“Perhaps you could help me. I’m just a dumb gringo with no linguistic abilities, so I’m learning some Spanish by reading the Breckenridge bus signs. But now I keep seeing a bus that says “Brown/Moreno” on one sign and “Brown/Marron” on the other. Is Rita Moreno really Rita Brown?”

Well Dan, we’re not too sure about Rita Moreno’s possible aliases, but we think she should marry Robbie Reuter, son of former (boo hoo) SDN reporter Jane Reuter. That would make her Rita Reuter.

Of course, Robbie’s only six, so Rita might have to wait a while.


We are sad to report a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! during an otherwise beautiful day. Some phlegm drooler stole a blue and black dirt bike from the condominiums at Gold Camp in Breckenridge.

If anyone hears this bike ripping around the hills around town, they can contact The Authorities at (970) 668-8600. And to the low-life fungus who stole the bike, you know what kind of bad karma this can get you! Returneth the bike! Repent! Repent!


It’s Sunday, and that means only one more day until Monday. Send us your Monday fears at, or tell us who you think would make a good couple on the fax at (970) 668-0755.

We out, contemplating not just our belly button, but also all the lint contained therein.

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