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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column chortling a bellyful at all you neat-freaks.

We finally have the ammunition we need to refute all your disparaging remarks about the cluttered state of our desk, car and home (and maybe even our mind). All your mopping, dusting, disinfecting, trash-lugging and vacuuming is just overkill, you see. That’s right: Put down the dustpan and relax.

According to a report from Reuters News Service, researchers at the University of Bristol (not to be confused with Lysol) issued a report saying that excessive cleaning is not likely to protect you from getting sick. In fact, they said taking a brisk walk was more effective at helping your immune system fight off invasion.

We wish we’d had this info in hand the other day, because a local police officer stopped by the Corporate Suites (and somehow got past the badge detector; it’s a little security feature we had installed to keep his ilk, and IRS employees, from getting inside before we can get out the back door). The first thing he said to us was, “Clean your desk.” We’re pretty sure he would have arrested us if he could have – misdemeanor messiness, or something.

We’ve been saying for years that people’s obsession with cleanliness is getting them sicker than if they’d just stop worrying about it. Now maybe people will start to listen. Yeah, we know, wishful thinking.


Speaking of lawmen, our favorite quote of the week: A staffer was asking a state trooper about a Highway 9 accident last week in which a dog in one car caused the accident (so the driver said) by jumping on him. The staffer asked the trooper if the officer cites the pet in cases like this.

“Well, we normally try to,” he said. “But they usually take the Fifth (Amendment) and start asking for a lawyer.”

And you thought cops didn’t have a sense of humor.


Oh, Sunday, oh, Sunday. We’re out getting ready to remember …

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