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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column marveling at what a small world it is.

And we hope this column doesn’t get that horrible Disney song stuck in your head.

Anyway, there we were Thursday, tromping around on the slopes at A-Basin, talking to the fine fighting men of the 10th Special Forces. They just got back from Iraq and were happy to be on the white granular stuff, as opposed to the yellow-orange sand of the desert.

We bring this up because, in talking to a few of the different soldiers, we come to find out that one in particular was not only from our hometown in the Midwest, he also went to our high school (he graduated eons after us, however).

It doesn’t surprise us that somebody else would want to escape Podunkville. It doesn’t really shock us that we’d run into somebody from that corner of the world. But to run into somebody who grew up right down the street from our humble neighborhood, to run into someone who probably sat in one of the very same desks we drooled all over while napping in school, well, it made us shake our head and take a deep breath.

The world has what, 6 billion people in it now? Even if you narrow it down to the U.S. population, the odds have to be in the neighborhood of 1 in 56,000 by our rough math. Sure, it’s easier than winning the lottery. And, now that we think about it, it made our day almost as if we had.

Here’s to a small world and running into friends wherever you go.


We’re out cinching the belt of the world to make it even smaller …

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