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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that just can’t part with these shorts.

A few people have diplomatically mentioned that we might want to consider a small shopping spree to update our below-the-waist summer wardrobe. For some reason, they find fault with our shorts. They still cover all the stuff that’s, by law, supposed to be covered. They aren’t loudly patterned Bermuda shorts or anything. They’re just pretty frayed at the bottoms. And a couple have stains.

But we just can’t seem to part with them. The frayed threads hanging down around our legs are fun – they tickle the backs of our knees when we’re walking or sitting at the desk bouncing our legs. And the particular stain on the particular pair of shorts we’re wearing today – a nice, two-tone circular spot the size of a quarter right in the middle of what covers our right quadriceps – might say to some people, “Hey, these folks must not know how to do a little thing we call laundry.” But to us, it says, “Hey, remember to not try and eat your Chimayo burrito (which is really good, but always seems to have a lot of juice spilling out of it from the salsa) while you’re driving your car.”

See, it’s comfort and a reminder. Sort of a string-around-the-finger, except we have to wear a belt with it.

We’ll probably break down here eventually. Just as soon as England calls and says we’re scheduled for tea with the queen.


Just so you don’t think the insanity and goofball syndrome is limited to the Summit Up Staffers here at the Corporate Suites in Frisco, we thought we’d throw in these pictures of two of our press supervisors. As some of you know, our papers are printed at the company’s spiffy plant over in Gypsum, a.k.a. the Super-Duper Corporate Suites or the Hall of Justice (those press folk are Superheroes – or, at least, they can eat Superheroes). Back to the photos – here we have Dan Barton and Kevin Becker, two supervisors at the press, who decided to shake off a little boredom by hooking their ropes up to the bridge across the Colorado River in Gypsum and getting out their wakeboards. Who needs speedboats when you’ve got a little creativity and some decent runoff?


Everybody knows we enjoy the simple things in life (or is it everybody knows we’re simple and enjoy living things?). Lately, our greatest pleasure has been driving around Summit Up Land looking at the scenery through our new sunglasses.

Well, they’re not exactly new new, but they’re new to us. A friend didn’t like them and gave them to us (which is great, because it helped us hold on to our claim of only ever having bought shades once in our lives).

Anyway, the cool thing about these specs is that they have yellow-tinted lenses. So, as we’re looking around at the scenery, the green vegetation really pops out in contrast to the blue sky. All this gets us to thinking about the hang-ups, prejudices and tunnel vision that colors what we see when we’re not wearing our sunglasses.

We don’t have any rose-colored glasses to check and see what the world looks like with those on. Regardless, we think we prefer seeing Summit Up Land in verdant splendor.


There’s all sorts of stuff going on around town this fine Saturday. Get up, get out and get involved. That’s an order. If you don’t like it, express your insubordination at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just tell us to take our high-and-mighty attitude and shove it on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

We’re out in our shorts …

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