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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can’t tell you how good it was to rise early in the morning after a solid night of rain and snow to find the sprinklers running outside Frisco’s Town Hall. Yeah, it’s been raining elephants and snakes, and, yeah, the rivers are raging and the lake’s on the rise, but you’d think somebody’d have the hoozits to give the sprinklers a break and let Mother Nature do her thing.You’d think.***Kathy at Keystone called in this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! Kathy had a fright when her office mini-fridge bit the dust. She called Greer Appliance down in Silverthorne, where the good people said they’d take a look at it. Kathy had someone take the fridge down to the store, where Mrs. Greer promptly provided a new one.”You know how it is in Summit Up Land, how awful it is to be without an office refrigerator,” Kathy said. “The natives get restless. And this is just one more reason to shop locally. I have a feeling that anywhere out of town I would have gotten into an argument about this.”May karma flow to the Greers like freon leaking from our freezer, and let’s hope it smells better than the inside of the fridge in the breakroom here at the Corporate Suites.***Congrats! to Amber Nicole Vawser of Silverthorne. Amber will be graduating from Ohio’s Cedarville University in December with honors in early childhood education, but she’s so far ahead she already participated in commencement last month.Amber is a 2000 graduate of Summit High and we’re sure her parents Loren and Wendy are super-proud.***Adam Nabors in Breck is a pretty lucky guy and he’s quite grateful for it. Adam sent us the second of today’s Angel Alert!! Angel Alerts!! Seems he lost his wallet on the 29th.”I think I dropped it at the Radium put-in/take-out on the Colorado River, but if I knew where I droppped it, it wouldn’t really be lost,” he writes.Nevermind, though, because some kind soul found the billfold and returned it to the Breck post office – with all the important stuff (including Adam’s fishing license) still intact.”I didn’t get to find out who this person was that returned it, and I just wanted to thank them for saving me a ton of headache getting all that stuff replaced,” Adam said.Today’s hero not only gets the traditional wing-and-halo set, but a dry bag full of good karma. Happy paddling, whoever you are.***We also recently received a press release and copy of the Olathe Gazette, which serves the Olathe area, the Corn Belt of Colorado.It’s from J.B. Smith, who, if memory serves us correctly, used to live in Summit County. Regardless, Mr. Smith is a tad bit ruffled under the knickers about the Republican gerrymandering to change congressional district lines last month.So he has a few ideas to correct this situation.) Have the Western Slope form a separate state.) Solicit the country for states willing to take the Air Force Academy.3) Have Texas kicked out of the country. (Mr. Smith says this is legal because when they joined the Union, “it was possible for them to be a country again.”)) Jail all Republicans in the state Legislature for malfeasance of office.%) Ban Republicans and Democrats from public office and let Independents run for local office.b) Form a Constitutional amendment that redistricts honest citizens and takes power out of the hands of crooked and unethical politicians.Well, now. There’s a few ideas. This, folks, is why we hold dear the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: So we have fodder for Summit Up.***Looks like it’s a wallflower Sunday – she’s standing up against the wall, despite the flare with which the caller belts out the dosey-do, and she might not dance with us even if we ask real nice. Help us out and do your bestVirginia reel call on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237, or just send your best gingham patterns or the fax at (970) 668-0755.We’re out watching the snowmelt …

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