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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column cupping its hands around its eyes and peering through car windows in the parking lot.

What parking lot? Every single one we park in. Why? No, we’re not like those jerkwads who’re always breaking into people’s cars at trailheads, but we are checking out the miscellaneous stuff people have packed into their rides.

See, it’s come to our attention that we’ve basically been living out of our truck lately. Not that we’re sleeping in it or anything (which we have done on many occasions). It’s that we have almost everything we could possibly ever need in there. Empty, our truck ostensibly could transport seven people. Currently, there’s room for us and only us. Today’s inventory shows that we’re carrying no less than:

n one tent (you never know how quickly that eviction will be enforced)

n one pair cowboy boots (in case we have to rustle us some cattle)

n one spare gas can (we do ignore obvious things like gas gauges)

n one blanket (for improvised


n one rubber duck (don’t ask)

n one towel (for all the blood)

n at least eight disc golf discs (guess why)

n one waterproof shell jacket

n one winter jacket

n one pair of waterproof shell pants

n one pair of shorts

n one winter jacket

n one headlamp (since our interior lights don’t work)

n one pair of cleats (suitable for softball, football or the occasional interstate mudslide)

n two bags of photography equipment, with tripod (in case we run into a busload of swimsuit models)

n one toolbox, with most of the tools in it (none of which seem capable of repairing our car)

n one sunroof interior cover

n chargers for camera batteries and cell phone (even though the cigarette lighter doesn’t work)

n two hats

n two left-hand gloves

n one broken golf putter (who doesn’t have one of these in the trunk?)

n five bungee cords

n and 13 cassette tapes (even though the radio broke years ago).

We know that some of you are thinking: Wow, Summit Up, all that stuff will come in really handy if you run into a naked orphan with two left hands who wants to have his picture taken and needs to work on his putting stroke in the dark, with a little phoned-in assistance from Greg Norman.

But as we said above, we just can’t seem to live without it all. So, we’ve been inspecting other people’s cars to see if we’re a pack rat, a good Boy Scout or just typical of drivers in Summit Up Land. Our conclusion: While a larger proportion of our stuff seems to be broken, most drivers seem to have the same packing habits we do.

Thank you, Summit Up Land. It’s good to feel normal once in a while.


Congrats! to Sarah Blincoe, who has, yet again, made the honor roll at Colorado Timberline Academy. A “Bravo!” to Sarah, and we’re sure her parents, George and Kristi in Frisco, are mighty proud.


We’ve found a really good practical joke to play on our fellow staffers. There’s a few of them who have bottles of “medicinal” cordials in their desks – mostly keepsakes from memorable events or adorned with sticky notes that read “First Aid” or “Open In Case of Emergency.”

However, some people’s bottles are bigger than others, so we’ve decided to replace them with a bottle of the same brand, only airplane serving-size. That should have them questioning the wisdom of keeping tippables in the desk, or at least have them getting their eye prescription checked.


It’s Thursday – at least that’s what the calendar in our back seat says. You know how to reach us:, fax at (970) 668-0755, or just describe the strange things in your car trunk on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

We’re out calculating what our gas mileage would be if we ever cleaned …

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