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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that, since we didn’t send a card, will hopefully remember to call Dad today.

In case you forgot as well, IT’S FATHER’S DAY.

And, oh, the many things we have to thank our fathers for. Let us count the ways, to borrow the Bard’s phraseology:

– He taught us how to operate a sailboat, which allowed us to tip it and endanger the lives of countless people.

– He introduced us to the Rusty Nail, a barely potable concoction containing Drambuie (which, we’ll admit, is fun to say repeatedly), which saved us the embarrassment of trying it and making a sourpuss face in front of our friends.

– He taught us the value of hardwork, not from the hours of yardwork we were indentured into, but from watching other siblings sitting inside watching TV while we were at it – that is to say, hard work takes up valuable time that could be spent doing something else.

– He passed on the knowledge he learned in Boy Scouts, and we’re sure all of our previous significant others appreciate the knots we learned just as much as we do.

– He bought us our first car. See above item for thankfulness.

– He spanked us when we were bad. You get the idea without re-

reading the above.

And how do we thank our fathers for all this? We buy them ties. We send them cards, maybe. If we’re really thinking ahead, we get them a cigar, take them out golfing or out to a nice dinner.

We like to think we did all our thanking in living: We made it through college without a family bankruptcy, pregnancy or STD. We haven’t moved back into the house since we’ve been out of college (the parents like to think they foiled any plans of that by selling the house and living full-time in an RV, but, oh, how naive they are). And, we write columns like this.

If that doesn’t say thank you, we don’t know what does. Well, except maybe this: Thanks, Dad.


And, speaking of this auspicious day, our Classified Department wasn’t able to fit one Father’s Day announcement in their special section, so we’re including it here. Somewhere on this page should be a picture, to which we’d add the following message: Jason, happy first Father’s Day! We love you bunches, Tyler and Christy.


We received a note from a former, long-time resident of Summit Up Land. John Laut says he and his wife were visiting the county this past week and they stopped at the visitor center near the outlet stores in Silverthorne. They were somewhat disappointed with their reception.

“We were met by the most indifferent hostess we have ever encountered at any similar place around the country,” John writes. “This lady was not about to give up munching on her lunch to provide anybody with information! We left with a definite bad taste in our mouths, not sure if we will be back later this summer or not.

“Whoever is charged with staffing this center should check the schedules and either remove that poor soul from the rotation or make sure she is

educated/trained in customer relations.”

The guests are always evaluating, folks. Something to think about.


Now some good news. Here’s an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! for the weekend.

Lisa stopped by to tell us she had a fender bender at the Dillon Ridge Marketplace Monday afternoon after an exceedingly upsetting, stressful weekend. Jackie Snow and Madison Koury were in GNC where she went to call police, saw her crying and supported her, got her tea, hugged her and comforted her in a time of woe.

A huge thanks and a pair of angel wings – and a couple o’ halos – go out to Jackie and Madison! We need more people like you two!


It’s Sunday, so Drambuie, Drambuie, Drambuie to you-ee. We’re out looking for a pay phone so we can call Dad collect …

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