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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column just trying to stay dry.

We didn’t have a raincoat today, but fortunately we were able to pull a box of Saran wrap out of our Captain Caveman shag coat of fur (and we also found an ostrich egg, jumper cables and a 1982 TV guide with Scott Baio on the cover!).

We ask you, is there anything plastic wrap can’t do? People make a big deal about duct tape, but we gotta tell you, plastic wrap is highly underrated.


We received an anonymous Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! from a reader in Breck. She wanted us to pass along a stern reprimand to the Breckenridge Police Department. Our caller wasn’t happy that the P.D. saw fit to ticket cars left in the Riverwalk parking lot the day after the town party.

“Some of those people were probably doing the smart thing and they didn’t want to drink and drive,” she said.

If they can’t get you coming, they get you going, metaphorically speaking. You’d think there’d be a happy medium here, huh?


Just so we don’t end today’s column on a sour note, here’s a story full of pith, redemption and sentiments that make the heart go glub-glub.

Deena from Aurora wrote us, asking us to thank all of the kind, generous people of Summit Up Land. This past December, Deena’s daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma. If it sounds bad to you, that’s because it is. Taylor had to start chemotherapy right away. The good news is young Taylor was brave and made it through the treatments; doctors gave her a clean bill of health in April.

The better news: While she was undergoing treatment, all Taylor wanted to do was go to Disneyland. So, to help her out, her uncle G Man (aka Cory DiPaolo, the graveyard guy at Breck’s 7-Eleven) and Wendy, the 7-Eleven manager, put a jar on the counter at the store. Shoppers chipped in nearly 500 bones, and this October, Taylor’s going to get to see Mickey.

“The people of Summit County never even met Taylor, but they have made a special place in Taylor’s heart and will never be forgotten,” Deena writes.

Summit Up Land, you never cease to make us proud.


It’s Friday, and hopefully it’s stopped raining for a change.

We’re out trying to spatula this plastic wrap off our heads …

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