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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column enjoying a sunburn because it means we’re that much closer to the hallowed AARP discount.

We had a great weekend. We went rafting on the Arkansas (Brown’s Canyon – we even had a wonderful swim through Zoom Flume, for those who know the area), and we went golfing. The result of this, besides the near-death-experience-produced nightmares and a hoarse voice from shouting obscenities at long grass, sand and our golf clubs, is a very nice sunburn.

But it’s not the sunburn per se we’re enjoying, it’s where the sunburn is located. See, we burned the tops of our knees and our thighs right above them – that’s what happens when you’re in a fixed sitting position on a raft throughout a sunny day. We’re enjoying this sunburn every time we’re sitting and want to cross our legs.

This (the leg-crossing), obviously, is a sign that we’re refined, cultured and mature. Yeah, we’re probably grasping at straws with this conclusion, but humor us. We’re in pain, dammit.

The more telling sunburn is the one on our head, though. Not just the front of the head, mind you, we’re talking the top of our head. Specifically, we burned the crown of our head, where the hair swirls around in the back – and, yes, it’s been swirling farther and farther from the center of the vortex. We also burned these areas above our forehead, the little triangles where the hair hangs over ever-growing patches left by a receding hairline.

The moral of this little musing is, then, you know you’re getting older when you use more and more sunscreen in a sitting, applying it to areas that used to be protected by hair. Fortunately, we aren’t experiencing the corollary to this moral, the one that says that increase in skin exposed to sun by retreating follicles is inversely proportional to that covered by drooping skin, bellies, etc.

So, it won’t be long and we’ll be getting our seniors’ discount and dining out at the 4 p.m. early bird specials. We just hope we don’t develop any melanomas before we can take advantage.


Frank Flynt was hoping we could help him out with a short Announcement! Frank is a 1973 graduate of Summit County High School. He and his classmates are organizing a reunion at Frisco’s Best Western Hotel for July 19 and 20.

Frank was hoping we could help invite all the graduates from the classes of 1971 to 1975. “We were a very small school back then and we had a lot of friends in grades above and below us,” Frank writes.

If you’re from these classes, mark you calendar. If you know people from these classes, get on the horn and tell them to get back to Summit Up Land in a month.

We’re out … applying aloe vera.

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