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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering why we can’t hear color and see sound.

Actually, we wonder about this because we attended the flashback concert of the year Sunday night. We flashed ourselves back to 1974, in somewhere upstate New York and danced and sang to the music of the Grateful Dead as performed by the Dark Star Orchestra.

And somewhere in there – and the weird part is, no mind enhancement was involved – we thought we could hear color and see sound.

That makes for an interesting show, as one might well imagine. We could hear the vibrant reds when they burst into “Sugar Magnolia,” we could see the delicate chimes of “China Doll.”

We’re going to head out to State Bridge next month and see if we can hear and see these things again. We can’t wait to hear the colors of “Franklin’s Tower.”

Here’s to you, Jerry.


We have a fine photo of a strange occurrence sent into us by Craig Robillard of Silverthorne. It’s not the UFO he reported last year, nor is it the silent NORAD planes that occasionally fly over Dillon Reservoir to ensure the safety of Denver’s water. Pictured somewhere on this page is a photo of this stuff called “fog.”

Those of us who have lived on the East or Left coast know what this stuff is, but up here in the High Country, it’s not so common.

“Twenty-four years of looking off this deck, and I don’t remember anything quite like this,” he writes.

But that’s what it is, Craig. And if the concept of “fog” at 9,000 feet bothers you, just think of it as a heavy cloud.

He also apologizes for the power lines that have screwed up lots of his pictures over the years. Thanks for the picture, Craig.


We have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert!

Mark from Breckenridge, who is likely the biggest funky Meters and George Porters Band fan in the whole world, was not too pleased to find out his favorite band was on, then off, then on.

And he wasn’t there.

The band was scheduled to play Saturday at Keystone’s mini-Madonna dome (Park Lane Pavilion), and Mark was keeping a close eye on the details. He asked his boss for the day off, and then noticed that the ads for funky Meters stopped. So he called the concert folks, and, after spending a half hour on the phone with a guy who insisted nothing – not nowhere, no how – was going on at the pavilion Saturday night (and if the funky Meters were playing, he’d know it because he’s a huge fan.) So Mark called his boss to say he could come in to work after all.

That afternoon, however, Mark learned the funky Meters would indeed be playing and it was too late to get off work.

“You could see the steam coming from my ears,” he said of the miscommunication. If anyone knows a funky Meters fan, this is not the kind of joke one should play on him or her.

The only thing that assuaged Mark was that, as planned, the Dark Star Orchestra played in Breckenridge Sunday night and it was a great show.

Yikes. Once again, thanks, Jerry.

We out looking for sound.

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