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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column being serious for a second while we ponder the meaning of the word “terrorism.”

The question came up recently when news of gunfire at City Hall in New York came across the wire.

“Was it terrorism?” someone asked.

“Well, not really,” someone answered.

Oh, but it was. At least we’re sure that’s what city employees thought at noon Wednesday when bullets were whizzing by their heads and their screams filled the rotunda.

Man, this is dark.

The point is, terrorism has become a racial word, like, only those of Middle Eastern descent can commit it. The gunman in New York was an aspiring politician, a political enemy of the man he killed.

What made it an act of terror was that it terrorized hundreds of innocent people at City Hall that afternoon. Without that, it’s just a crime.

Summit Up staffer No. 666 was actually in New York City at the time of the shooting. No. 666 left Summit Up Land on the red-eye out of Denver and landed in New York about 6 a.m. that day.

The rest is left up to our imagination, as we have not heard from him since. We are relatively certain he had no business at City Hall that afternoon.

While we’re here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NO. 666! He turned (Summit Up identity revelation censors will not permit us to reveal actual age) yesterday. Wow, seems like just last week you were an up-and-coming Summit Up staffer back home in (identity censor warning). Anyway, enjoy your time in the Big Apple. (If you are reading this online, your problem is much worse than we originally diagnosed.)


Twenty doorknobs to anyone who can guess the location of the pictured sunset. (Shut it, English teacher!) Hint: Just match the silhouette of the mountains in the photo with the outline of the real-life mountains in Summit Up Land. Another hint: Anyone reading this on the deck of Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters, Deli Belly’s or Alpine Market has an advantage. (Alert: Doorknobs may not actually be awarded.)

We’re always looking for silver linings. In fact, it can be argued that Summit Up is the world’s only daily column always looking for silver linings – argued much more effectively, anyway, than Summit Up is the world’s only daily column being serious for a second while we ponder the meaning of the word terrorism, as was stated in earlier testimony.

Yes, that is what this sunset is, one blue, pink and orange silver lining. See, the reason this particular sunset is so fetching is because of a nearby forest fire that evening.

Forest fire bad. Sunset silver.

Mr. Wizard once told us that when smoke gets into the air, it refracts sunlight, bringing out the colors. So when the air is hazy because of fires in the West, sunsets tend to be enhanced. We’re just glad we had our camera with us so we can share our bounty with all of you.

That’s enough for a Saturday. Enjoy the weekend, you should.

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