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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column, for the first time ever, embarrassed to be here.

What should have been one of the best nights of entertainment of the year turned into a raving tirade on the evils of humanity and made us sound like our grandparents complaining about “them kids.”

We took a field agent out to see Nickel Creek at Keystone Tuesday night. If you haven’t heard of the group, check out a CD – some of the best, most original new music to come around in a while. And we like the Park Lane Pavilion, too (except for the fact that we paid $56 to see a concert and the organizers couldn’t see fit to provide any chairs).

No matter. We showed up, the band hit the stage, they started playing, and we think the music was pretty good. But we couldn’t tell because everyone around us was talking. Apparently, they must not have paid as much as we did. So we moved to a different spot in the crowd.

The people there kept talking. We politely explained to the gentlemen next to us that they should take their conversation outside. They continued to talk, so we moved again.

Then we found ourselves behind a group of teen-agers. We assume they were teen-agers because we can’t fathom mature adults wrestling around, grab-assing in the middle of a concert.

It got so bad that other people in the crowd started shooshing others en masse, and one person even yelled shut up.

By our estimation, most of the offenders were drunken, suburbanite conference attendees. At least we hope. Otherwise, it’s definitely time to move. And the worst part is, we could spend the rest of this column lambasting these low-lifes, describing how we’re perfectly willing to not only bite this tourism hand that feeds us, but use it to clean out the kitty litter, but these mouth-breathers wouldn’t even realize we’re talking about them, much less consider changing their behavior.


It must be a pretty scummy time of year. We’ve received what must be the fifth Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! of the week.

An employee at Rocky Mountain Sports at the Four Seasons in Breck e-mailed and said a gentleman was in the store browsing the other day, when suddenly there was a thump. The employee didn’t think much of it, but moments later discovered five coats (two white) doused with the hot chocolate this fellow dropped. The guy snuck out of the store without saying anything to anybody.

Karmically, we suppose it’s appropriate for this fellow to have his next spill in his lap (while driving on Swan Mountain Road, maybe, with a truck full of chickens and tar coming in the other lane). We’ll make a few calls, see what we can do.


We do have good news today, though. The other day we had a Scum Alert!! about some knee-knocker stealing a bike from the Animal Shelter. Occasionally, a Scum Alert!! does some good, and we’re happy to convert this one into an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! for the staff at 7-Eleven in Frisco.

“Thanks to the service of Summit Up I want to tell everyone that there is an angel at 7-Eleven in Frisco who responded to the Scum Alert,” the shelter employee wrote. “My bike was found by an employee, Peggy, and she called the shelter and said a black one was parked up against the building. I drove over there and sure enough there was Besty, my bike, parked where she said it was.”


We’re out writing apology letters to all the national acts who used to like to come here before Summit Up Land turned into just another city …

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