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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can survive on four crappy hours of sleep.

Yes, we’ve figured it out. If you’re like us, you hate the fact that your body gets tired (other than when you want to be tired, like yesterday when it was absolutely gushing rain, and it seemed like a perfect afternoon to fall asleep on the couch with a book in our face, but, no, the boss said, you better get this and that done, and so we rebelled by daydreaming about the boss while drooling all over our keyboard). We wish we could go without sleep completely. Alas, we must sleep, and dream perchance. (Sorry, we’re feeling very Shakespearean, in a

Hamlet-on-catnip kind of way.)

Not only have we figured out how to get by on very little, very awful sleep, but we’re fully prepared to share this recipe for vim, vigor and vitality with you. Here’s what you do:

See, last night, we joined some other field agents in hiking up above treeline to about 12,000 feet. Our actual goal was to see some shooting stars (but we didn’t, of course, because some reporters at this paper keep writing stories about the astronomical phenomenon, jinxing it with bad weather). We weren’t completely outfitted for the occasion. We had a lot of cotton on. We didn’t have near enough layers. But we did have some lukewarm, watered-down cocoa, our sleeping bags and Therma-rests.

But let us explain something to you: At that altitude, the wind whips through clothing (especially cotton) as though you were standing there in nothing more than a sack of skin. Then there’s the rocks. You’ve read “The Princess and the Pea”? Let us tell you, there isn’t a sleeping pad in the world that can shield you from these rocks. Oh, and to top it off, we didn’t think to bring a pillow.

So there we were, chilly breeze rifling through our sleeping bags, wafting the odors from our quickly smellifying clothing, and with rocks giving us Marquis de Sade acupuncture treatment every time we rolled around.

And you know what? We woke up with little more than a dry throat and had a great day. We felt great.

If insomnia’s got you down, start hiking, find some granite and lay down your weary head. Trust us. Seriously.


Here’s two Angel Alerts!! Angel Alerts!! for you. Sarah sent us an e-mail saying the Sunday night crew at Summit Medical Center was saved by Tim Caldwell, who generously offered to take a stranded woman to Denver.

“Thank you so much for helping out! We appreciate it!”

Our second piece of good news comes from Ron Anderson, owner of Up and Running Computer Services. Ron called and told us his dog escaped from a groomer in Silverthorne. The dog, Coda, then proceeded to run amok all across town. But, never fear, this is Summit Up Land: Ron’s customers went out on the hunt, friends hit the streets and High Country Radio was even putting out alerts to help locate the dog.

The wings and halos go to all of them, and especially the tourists visiting for the week who wrangled Coda down near the marina in Dillon.

“I just want to thank everybody involved,” Ron said.

We’re feeling generous today, so double karma points for everybody, all the way around.


Sometimes a Thursday comes along and you just feel like putting on a straw hat and walking through the French Quarter, saying “Ma’am,” and tipping that hat as you go. Tell us what it makes you feel like at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just leave your best sweet tea recipe on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

We’re out trying to squeeze our mattress into the dumpster to make room for the stone mason’s delivery …

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