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Sometimes funny things catch our eye and this is one of those funny things we decided to turn into a patriotic Summit Up photo.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can smell the Labor Day barbecues from here.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s prime season for rummaging critters. The ‘coons, bruins, skunks and ungulates are highly active this time of year, probably in your trash can out by the street. Is it any wonder hunting season starts about now?

Anyway, we bring this up after receiving a fax from Robin in Keystone. “Three times in the last three weeks, bears have been through the garbage at the Keystone Tennis Center. Three times in the last three weeks guests have picked up the debris. Can’t Keystone at least collect the garbage?”

Not until the area is redeveloped as a freestyle winter sports training ground Robin.


Then there’s the anonymous writer who took offense to our equating college campuses and garbage. We don’t remember exactly what we wrote (when you write a daily column, it all sort of blurs together, you know?), but this writer says:

“Are you serious (or perhaps – are you EVER serious?)? In today’s column you equated “colleges’ with “rotting, festering trash bins’ … Oh, dear. I truly hope you were being facetious. As a former college professor, I can’t let that pass. Need I point out that one of our proudest American heritages is our educational system that is open to all?

“I could go on ad nauseum but let me give you just one personal example. I was raised in slum housing with no educated relatives. A sister ran away at 15 and drank herself to death; a brother committed suicide.  But somehow I learned that education was my best way out of it. I worked my way through college and have led a wonderful life as a result.  I taught in the college system for 20 years before coming to Summit County for my own version of semi-retirement paradise.

“I would do it all over again. I’ve had a wonderful life. How many people do you know who can say that? I have my education to thank – especially college where I learned what I really wanted in life.

“So you take that back!”

We don’t deny there’s lots to be learned in college. Maybe we should clarify and simply say that, with 50,000 people eating pizza and drinking beer every night, the trash piles up quickly and requires the dedication of a waste management team (who will no doubt soon wish that they, too, were enrolled in college, so they could learn stuff, eat pizza and drink beer all the time).


Andrea Godfrey will mark her 30th year in Summit County this week, but more importantly, she sent us haiku poetry about feet! After reading last week’s column in which we cogitated on the itchiness of our feet, Andrea was inspired to send us some of her own podiatric poems.

Some people have feet

That really can look quite nice

Mine just have bunions

Our feet are well used

We demand so much of them

No wonder they hurt

Walking in the yard

barefoot was fun up until

I stepped on a bee

Yea, verily, Andrea.


We’re out … doing it all over again.

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