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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column just listening to the people.

Melinda Van Gundy called to say the post office recycling debacle is not over yet. Van Gundy, a concerned citizen from Frisco, says thanks for putting the recycling bins back in the Frisco Post Office. But, the new bins are teeny, tiny ones that say “paper only.”

First of all, she points out, people are going to throw all kinds of mail in these bins, not just paper. Furthermore, what happened to the old bins? Did somebody at least recycle the old bins? The former recycling receptacles were large enough to accommodate the reams of junk mail we get, but these new ones aren’t going to cut it. And, this concerned citizen asks, who paid for the new bins? She suggests we should contact Mark Udall again on this issue. Regarding the supposed fix, she says, “Gimme a break!”


Yvonne wanted us to put in a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! because, as she says, the Breckenridge police are fascists. You see, as Yvonne explained, she went to the hair salon where she works to load the place up with balloons and other frilly things to surprise a co-worker whose birthday was the next day. She was just trying to do a nice thing. Well, she comes out – after being inside only two minutes! – to find a parking ticket on her car.

“There is a no-parking sign,” she said, “but you can barely read it.”

We sympathize with you on one part, Yvonne: Parking tickets do suck. But two minutes or two hours, the police have to draw the line somewhere, and even though the sign was barely legible, you still recognized it for what it was. We call it the parking gamble, and we do it daily – you have to ask yourself, “Is this spot or errand worth getting a ticket over?” We find when we give ourselves this little quiz, we get no parking tickets.

We will agree with Yvonne, though, that The Man is always trying to bring us down. Viva la revolucion! But it won’t start over a parking ticket.


How “’bout an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to end the day? A woman called us Friday to say that she had ridden her bike from Montezuma to Frisco Wednesday night to pick up her car from a garage. Unfortunately, she realized she’d brought the wrong keys once she arrived in Frisco.

Enter our heroes, Scott and Duncan, who helped her get into the car. Our caller said she doesn’t know how to get in touch with them, but was hoping we could pass on a message that those two will find a thank you gift waiting for them at the Gorsuch store in Keystone after today.


Summer’s over. We’re out enjoying the first day of school.

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